1. tbaptista's Avatar
    Question, thinking of getting a WiFi only tablet this holiday season and plan on using my iPhone as a hot spot when I need to use it and WiFi is not available.

    I have the new Verizon plan that uses "data buckets" so Hot Spot is included in my plan.

    To add a cellular tablet is $10 a month extra and a premium is paid when I buy the tablet.

    Is data slower when you use a hot spot?
    Is it time consuming to create a hot spot?
    I have a mophie case for my iPhone so battery drain should not be an issue.

    Is there something I am missing that I should think about to steer me towards a cellular enabled tablet?

    10-12-2012 09:34 AM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    Cellular tablet would be easier is all
    It will have a always on connection just like your phone

    Speed should be close to the same but remember your Sharing your one connection vs having two separate connections ... Think of it as having 2 modems in your house vs using a router on the one you have

    Setting up a hotspot only takes a few sec but on a wifi tablet you can pick and use

    Data will be shared the same either way

    I guess it depends on how often you will use your tablet away from wifi
    And how much convenience you want

    Pay more and
    10 bucks a month
    Save iphone battery


    Use more battery
    Set up time for hot spot per use
    Pay less for wifi only device
    A little faster speed
    10-12-2012 12:28 PM

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