1. Jdhiker's Avatar
    I just ordered a new iPad 3 32 gig. I have been a convert from android since July. Already have a 4s so it makes sense to get an IPad and sell my beloved Xoom. I just hoped don't regret that. It does everything I wanted but I like the idea of the cloud and having my stuff on both the phone and tablet when I need it. Got a great deal on a white one. I hope I like the color. Being a guy and white not sure but lol. There are covers. I read about watching movies on it with the white frame but I don't watch too many right now. That will change I k ow. And again there are cases that can help. Most of you with white iPads probably don't even notice it anymore? I do know my black Xoom shows all the finger prints. And my wife's 4s doesn't show any. So that I am looking forward to.

    Excited though! I get it next week!

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    10-12-2012 09:01 AM
  2. l.i bruce fan's Avatar
    enjoy it, I'm sure you will. I just switched to a white iphone after having several black iphones and ipads, I think you'll like it.
    10-14-2012 08:56 PM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Awesome. You will love it.
    10-14-2012 10:58 PM
  4. Fausty82's Avatar
    Welcome to the "dark side"... have fun and enjoy your new iPad...
    10-14-2012 11:28 PM
  5. erwaso's Avatar
    Congrats! My one piece ofadvice, protect the back of it. Easily scratchesfrom constantly putting it down on a table/desk.
    10-15-2012 12:07 AM
  6. Sancho90's Avatar
    The iPad FAR outweighs the Xoom. Don't fret, you're gonna love it.

    Iterated in Sancho's brain.

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    10-16-2012 07:03 AM
  7. Jdhiker's Avatar
    It's killing me having to wait for it. Hoping it comes in tomorrow. I reset the Xoom to factory and my friend gets that tomorrow.
    Looking forward to putting stuff on my ipad!
    Thanks for the replys!

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    10-17-2012 09:07 PM
  8. LCW's Avatar
    With iPad mini announcement maybe you'll want to hold off?

    PS - typing this from my iPad 3
    10-17-2012 09:33 PM
  9. Mella's Avatar
    Congrats, and you'll love it!
    Yeah there are many cool stuffz you should get for it, such as: Top 20 Free Apps for Your New iPad
    And you'll explore more in iMore: The new iPad | iMore.com
    10-18-2012 02:28 AM
  10. Jdhiker's Avatar
    No I wouldn't hold off. I like the size of it. Don't want an in between size.

    It came in today and I love it. Still can't wait to load it up when I get home!

    First off to get a case

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    10-18-2012 01:58 PM
  11. ITS ME DAVID's Avatar
    I returned my white iPad 3 for a black I think it looks nicer with the black bezel
    10-18-2012 02:58 PM

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