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    I've recently bought the LTE version iPad 3 from unlocked from apple with Telus SIM card preinstalled. I'd like to know how to maximize my Telus prepaid data plan of 5GB without going over on the 5GB. I'm a heavy data user. I don't like to use wifi as it drains my battery faster then when I have it off. I'm usually not in an area where I get wifi as I travel a lot in and out of my province of Saskatchewan. I've 10GB+ data on SaskTel but not sufficient coverage outside of Saskatchewan. Downside of Sasktel is that I don't get 10GB+ data outside of the province but only 200MB. I do use anywhere between 5 and 10 GB data monthly. I can make sacrifices to my data uses but what's the best way to use data usage the best on Telus alone as I don't have an factory unlocked iPhone 4S or an iPhone from Telus? Sorry for my long post. I've a lot of questions that I like to get answered before I start using my iPad 3. I'd prefer to use Telus because of the coverage that I'd be needing but hate the capped data of Telus. Any help would be appreciated.
    09-02-2012 05:05 PM