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    I have what appear to be spam emails originating from my iPad 2. The first couple of searches I read through on google indicate that iOS isn't capable of doing this? I think it to be the ipad because none of the Sent emails were on my laptop tied to the account (Win 7/Win Live Mail). I caught the incident because my android phone tied to the account started recieving mail daemon failure returns from assorted email hosts. I'm not an IT person and barely up to speed on this.

    I did have an email I sent to a Craigslist ad that ended up being a spam ad. The reply to that email I sent earlier in the week ended up on the iPad at 3:16 cdt and at 4:43 the malware emails began.

    No-one was near the device for this, but it was on and being charged with an active wifi connection.

    I'm in the process of checking the laptop over for malware.

    I don't understand how anything could have executed itself without user interaction, whether on the ipad or the laptop.

    I need to determine which device the malware is on, and then where to look for it. If anyone can help with that or rule out the iPad it would be greatly helpful.
    08-07-2012 10:31 PM