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    Checkpoint Madness HD Will Give You Sympathy For TSA Agents

    Checkpoint Madness HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Checkpoint Madness HD ($1.99) by SGM Games is a fast-paced arcade style iPad game that puts you in the role of a TSA agent. Instead of getting angry about having to wait in long lines, remove your shoes and throw away your brand new bottle of lotion, see how hard it is to keep the world safe from possible threats.

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    Players must redirect travelers to their appropriate screening area by tapping the passenger and drawing a line from him to his appropriate area. Each person is color coded for screening at, “The Metal Detector” (green), “The Nude Scanner” (yellow), or “The Groping Line” (blue). When you draw the line, the traveler will follow it to his destination. Be careful about how you draw the path. If two airport visitors collide, they will start a ruckus. Three collisions and your game is over.

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    In addition to redirecting travelers, players are tasked with uncovering potential threats. Luggage that is screened will expose any contraband that is stored in a suitcase. When detected, it will appear in an X-ray window and you must tap the luggage scanner to remove the threat.

    Travelers can sometimes be considered a threat. When an alarm sounds and the suspect starts blinking red, players must tap the passenger before he makes it to the exit doors in order to eliminate the threat.

    You only get three chances to let threats go undetected or to cause three passenger collisions before you lose the game. Additionally, if a passenger does not get redirected fast enough and stumbles into the Security Area, the game is immediately over.

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    There are three levels of difficulty. The harder the mode, the more passengers approach and more threats are found. I recommend playing the game in easy mode for a while before trying out the more advanced levels.

    This game is hard. Even in easy mode, there is so much to pay attention to that it is difficult to keep track of everything that is going on. After a few tries, you start to get the hang of things, but it is not easy to keep dangerous criminals out of the airport.

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    The graphics are simple, but the sound effects are entertaining. Elevator music is pumped into the building, the hum of a busy airport fills the air and an airport employee will make announcements at random intervals.

    This game is entertaining and challenging. I might even say it is a bit too challenging. It is not so hard that you throw you iPad down in frustration, but it would be nice if the easy mode were a little easier for the newcomers. The price is reasonable and you will definitely get your money’s worth. You may even have a friendlier opinion of the TSA agent who is patting you down the next time you travel by air.
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    06-16-2012 01:27 AM