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    Hi Guys,

    Firstly I would like to say hi.

    I have been a very loyal and outspoken user of Blackberry for many a year. I have stood fast and ridiculed the Iphone for years and stuck with Blackberry through good and bad times.

    However, although I am still a Blackberry fan, I realise that Iphone has much more to offer and after much deliberation I decided to jump ship to the Apple camp.

    But you don't want to hear about that,

    Anyway, as a new Iphone user I was blown away by the device and I am now kicking myself for not switching sooner. I purchased an Iphone 4 (8gig in white) and absolutely love it....... So much so that I purchased an Ipad (again white but 16 gig wifi version).

    I am still learning to use both devices to their full potential but have a question to ask please.


    I love watching movies on both devices and have a collection of movies brought over from my Blackberry days. Unfortunately they are in a very low resolution so i am in the process of downloading movie and also transferring some of my dvd's onto the Ipad.

    I am struggling with what format to use.... I have a free program called format factory that has presets for iphone and ipad. But if I convert to ipad then the file size is very large. If I convert to iphone size, when I watch on my ipad the quality and resolution isn't as good as it should be.

    Can anyone offer any solutions as to programs to use etc to convert to a suitable format for viewing on both devices.

    Also what is the difference between MP4 or M4v with regards quailty etc.....

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced

    04-09-2012 01:22 PM