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    Hey there,
    since 3 day I have now a Ipad 3. gen and have some questions regarding the transfer from high resolution photos (8mpx) to the Ipad.

    Currently I only knew the way to syncronize with Itunes.
    When I'm doing this, the photos seems to be resizes because on hdd the folder has 1Gb and Itunes says on Ipad are only 600MB.

    How can I transfer the photos without resizing?

    As I'm a windows user, I don't have IPhoto.
    I'm using Lightroom 4 for photo management.

    what I have seen on Ipad is, that the Ipad says that no space is used for photos, but photos are available for watching.
    Thanks for helping.
    03-30-2012 05:31 AM

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