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    So here's my story. If it's long just read last paragraph.

    I'm on 5.0.1,jailbroken obviously and recently in iTunes I've seen the Other category either at 27GB or 4.1,both are over the limit. So I plan on restoring.

    As I was restoring I found out I couldn't since Apple doesn't sign 5.0.1 so now I'm stuck in DFU mode. Used iREB to kick it out and it's all good now.

    The problem is now that I deleted random stuff through iFunbox and I either get a reboot loop or doesn't start at all. I found out Spire was needed for the iPad to run normally so since that is gone,I got spire folder from my iPod touch, and that for some reason makes everything on the iPad have smaller icons and UI changes. So in order to fix my problem,I either need

    a) someone upload the spire for iPad folder (downloaded Spire for iPad/iPad 2 and still doesn't work)

    b) to find another way

    Relating my problem is the other in iTunes,i have 4.5GB over capacity. It says I have 27gb in 'other' but I see my the apps category is missing so thats why it's big.
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    03-23-2012 06:49 PM
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    Open Cydia and remove Mobile Substrate. It should also remove a lot of other things, but that's good in your case.

    If you're lucky, you can just start reloading your Cydia apps again.

    Stay away from iFunbox from here out. It's too powerful for you.
    03-24-2012 01:24 AM

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