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    Just thought I would share my poor experience that I had with purchasing AppleCare+ directly from AT&T so others can learn from my experience... When I purchased my LTE iPad from AT&T on Friday, I told them that I did not want to purchase a data plan from them as I wanted to activate the data from the device and not be billed monthly from them as I would be if they set up the plan in the store. Well the rep informed me that in order to get AC+ I would have to start up an account with AT&T so that AC would be registered to my iPads phone number. I explained to him that AC was linked to the devices Serial number and that I didn't need an account with them for that. Well, long story short, he would not activate AC+ until a data plan was set up. He said I could always cancel it later if I wanted. So today when I got up I called AT&T customer care to cancel the data plan, and the female rep said that I was going to have to go into the store where I purchased my iPad from. I was skeptical so I called the store ahead before driving there to ask. The manager told me that she could cancel the data plan for me but was going to have to refund the AC+ as well because I could not have AC+ without an account. Well I told her that if that was the case that I was going to go in there and return the iPad altogether and go over to Verizon. After hearing this she asked me not to do this and that she would call Apple for me from the store to see how to keep AC and cancel the data plan. After hanging up with her I called Apple care myself and explained what happen to them and they said the same thing I did that I didn't need to activate an account in order to set up AC+. She notated that I called in and that if AT&T tried to remove it, Apple would add it back on to the iPad for me. Went into the store a few hours later and spoke with the same manager and I explained what Apple had said to me when she started the crap about AC being canceled along with the data plan. Anyhow, she reluctantly canceled my iPad service through them and didn't refund my AC+, so when I got home I checked my AC+ status for my iPad online and sure enough I am still covered.... I did have to get a new sim card in order to get the iPad account screen to pop up. Once that was done, I was able to activate the 250MB data plan through my iPad. BTW, if you activate a iPad data plan through AT&T you are charged the regular taxes and junk, which tacked on almost $5 extra dollars for me. There are no extra fees if you activate a data plan through the iPad itself....... If anyone is going to get their iPad through AT&T and like me wants AC+ but no data plan I would pay for the iPad and call AC when you get home and have them add it on for you. I think AT&T is doing this to make money off of unsuspecting customers and they are dead wrong for doing it. If they didn't have better service than Verizon here, and the iPad that I got wasn't so perfect, I would have just returned it to AT&T and just purchased it elsewhere.....

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    If they give you hassle, just make genius bar appt with Apple and they can add AC+.
    03-18-2012 03:37 AM
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    If they give you hassle, just make genius bar appt with Apple and they can add AC+.
    Basically. Quoted for emphasism
    03-18-2012 09:08 AM
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    If they give you hassle, just make genius bar appt with Apple and they can add AC+.
    ... limited time after purchase to do this using any method. At genius bar, they will check proof of purchase and inspect the iPad. If you call Apple customer service, you can do this over the phone, as long as you have all serial number and device purchase info at hand. Details on, store, applecare+ purchase page...
    03-18-2012 04:14 PM
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    Thanks for the reply, guys. My monthly iPad data plan is definitely canceled now and so far AC+ is still on my iPad. As I suspected, AT&T is using this as a way to get extra money from their customers.

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    03-18-2012 05:52 PM