1. swsmpbaby985's Avatar
    I've noticed that my iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1 constantly makes alert sounds like when I get a new iMessage, however when I open the iMessage app there is NO new messages. It's sometimes annoying when I'm trying to sleep and my iPad keeps going off with the sound through out the night, forcing me to keep the device on mute. Anyone else experience this similar issue?
    01-12-2012 09:37 AM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    Are you sure it's an messaging app sound, and not a sound for a push notification? (Say for a facebook message or event invitation or something like that.) Some apps have a TON of notification options that are easily overlooked, and it's possible one of them has sound enabled but not something more noticeable like an alert popup.
    01-12-2012 09:54 AM
  3. swsmpbaby985's Avatar
    No it's the same exact sound that would come through when I'd get a new iMessage. However there is no new iMessage to be read. And there are no other notifications that come through as I have notification center cleared.
    01-12-2012 10:11 AM