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    Hi. I've got a Macbook and my first iPhone, the 4s, so I think I have a decent understanding of what I should expect of the iPad.

    We recently got my mother an iPad 2, the version that only uses WiFi as she will not leave the house without it. She is so computer illiterate that I had to get her a new email address.

    So here is my question....one thing I have noticed is that if I send her photos of the kids from our iPhones, the resolution is fine.

    But if we send her video from the iPhone, it gets received on her iPad as an email. And when you open it, the resolution is absolutely horrible and basically unviewable.

    How can I fix this please? What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you from both of us in advance.
    12-25-2011 10:25 PM
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    I would say the email server is downgrading the quality likely. Either try to send it in the highest resolution. Or share it on YouTube with her in hd quality. If you want her to have high end quality vids on her end you have to get her high end copies. So unless you can manually load it onto her iTunes and sync it with her iPad I'm not sure there is any other way than sharing via YouTube or some other video sharing site.

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    12-25-2011 10:48 PM
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    4s video file is 1080p hd and file size is way to big to just email .. Do what was said upload to you tube and email the link ..

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    12-25-2011 11:52 PM
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    Thanks, I understand that email is too big. But if we choose to send it, question since it's going from an iPad to an iPhone or vice versa, why does it go as an email as opposed to an I imessage?

    In any event, I am trying to now upload those videos to YouTube. Just running into an issue trying to get the recipient, my mom to be able to view the private videos. So I got the videos up, but can't get her to view the videos as private videos. Just another issue. Anyway thanks so much
    12-26-2011 03:47 PM
  5. jalba3's Avatar
    Best thing to do is upload and send the link afterwards. Since the resolution recorded is 720p/1080p (iPhone 4/4S) it has to be compressed and reduces the quality.
    12-26-2011 07:48 PM
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    How about uploading to Dropbox & then sending her a link? That's what I do for my mom
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    12-26-2011 10:24 PM
  7. Cheesyblasters's Avatar
    I love dropbox, however that is one more app to setup and teach her how to use.
    It definetley is conveinent to send vids from your phone but think about this.
    Shes gonna run out of space eventually. Way easier to make a youtube account and upload the videos, make them unlisted and send her the links, plus youll have the added benefit of an archive.
    12-29-2011 08:34 PM