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    Hey everybody! I'm new to the forum, and I am getting money towards an iPad for Christmas. For awhile, I was set on getting the iPad 2...... until I read that the iPad 3 would be released sometime in early 2012. The one thing about the iPad 2 that is "so so" for me is the camera quality. For those of you who have the iPad 2 and have used the camera, how poor is the quality? I have tested it at the store, but want to know what users who have used it for a longer period of time think. I will frequently be using facetime to videochat with family, so the quality is sort of important to me.

    Overall, do you think I should wait for the iPad 3? Or just go ahead and get the iPad 2 now?

    Thanks, I am looking forward to this forum!

    12-23-2011 11:28 AM
  2. verwon's Avatar
    Personally, I'd wait for the 3. However, for FaceTime, I assume you're referring to the front facing VGA camera and I doubt the quality of that is going to change, even with the new model.

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    12-23-2011 04:54 PM
  3. munchkinsdad's Avatar
    If you CAN wait...iPad 3
    12-23-2011 05:02 PM
  4. AlanG4s's Avatar
    I will never understand the thinking that says "This is good and I want it but I think I will wait for something better" especially when you don't even know IF it will be better.

    If you like the iPad 2 and have the cash now, get it now. Take good care of it and if/when the iPad 3 comes out you can easily sell the iPad 2 to someone who looks for deals to save a few bucks on something that is just as good as new.

    Why deny yourself the pleasure of having an iPad NOW just for something down the road that may or may not be?!

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    12-23-2011 05:19 PM
  5. Kristy_Lyn's Avatar
    I would wait, especially if you are looking for a quality camera. The ipad camera is not great for anything more than facetime chats and simple snapshots...it's definitely not even close to the quality of the iPhone4 and not even comparable to the i4S camera.

    I have both the iPad1 and 2, Looking back I wish I had waited and skipped the one and waited and got the 2. I got my iPad1 late in the year so it was only 4-5 months old when the 2 was released....now with that said my husband was more than happy to get my iPad1 when I upgraded....likely when the iPad3 comes out my oldest son will inherit the original, the husband will get iPad 2 and I will drool over the new iPad3
    12-23-2011 06:46 PM
  6. Daruba#IM's Avatar
    If you don't have an abundance of light, the camera of the ipad2 sucks. Front and back.

    If photography is not your primairy goal, buy the ipad2 now.
    12-23-2011 08:00 PM
  7. Toher's Avatar
    Wait on it, or get a Kindle Fire until the iPad 3 comes along, then sell the Kindle. On the contrary to some opinions, I believe it's not the best decision to buy right when the next product is around the corner.
    12-28-2011 08:08 AM
  8. Smlk's Avatar
    I have the iPad 1 and was going to get the 2 for Christmas, but I'm just going to wait until the 3 is out. I'm not in such a rush that I can't wait a few months so that I'm not wishing that I had the newer model and the updates that will outlast the extra few months on the tail end.

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    12-28-2011 09:40 AM
  9. PhxBlue's Avatar
    I'm of the opinion that waiting on a rumor is pointless with the high resale value that Apple products maintain.
    12-28-2011 11:50 PM
  10. mfm77's Avatar
    I love my iPad 2, and I only got it a month ago, knowing that the iPad 3 might come out soon. As pointed out above, Apple products can be sold pretty easily, especially when they're almost brand new (which would be your case). You might want to check out the refurbished iPad 2 stock on Apple's site; you can save some serious cash AND get a product that Apple guarantees the same way it does with the new iPads. Then, when the iPad 3 comes out, you can resell the refurbished iPad 2 and not lose a whole lot.
    12-29-2011 07:09 AM
  11. Eileen89's Avatar
    This is an easy one. If you can wait a few months longer, get the iPad 3. If you really need an iPad now, get the iPad 2. Personally with the iPad 3 coming out in the near future I would wait.....

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    12-29-2011 07:23 AM
  12. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    Get the iPad 3. Why get a iPad 2 now when you can have a better iPad for the same price, if you wait? Trust me, if you get iPad 2 now, you will regret it when the next generation comes out in the next few months.

    Wait. You won't be disappointed.
    12-30-2011 01:05 AM