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    Hey guys. I need some advice. I'm looking at tablets for work and for play. I'll be using it in work to show pictures of houses and hopefully to download price lists and techical data so, hopefully, I can get rid of the old notebooks and paper. As far as fun, it will mostly be web browsing and forum acttivities. I use Windows desktops at home and work and an iPhone 4 as my cell device. I have approx 400 songs on my iphone, along with approx 450 contacts and thats about it. No books, tv shows or movies on anything else. So, would I be crazy to buy an Android tablet versus the iPad? For my work , would either device be better than the other significantly? Is there any way to transfer songs and contacts between the two device systems? I'm not really concerned about the vastly greater number of apps available for the iPad, as there are a relatively few that I have downloaded anyway. (30-40 at most).
    Thanks for any input you can give me.
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    I was in the same boat. I just got my iPad2 and have to say it is awesome. Still adjusting to whole the syncing thing. Android and Windows is easier since you can just move stuff with a file browser. Might be able to do the same going from PC to Apple but haven't gotten that far yet. Songs are easy to deal with either way though, contacts would probably be the same with iCloud...otherwise just use a Google account for your contacts.

    I still may get an Android tablet (Eee Pad Slider most likely) for my daughters so they can do homework without tying up my stuff. The Amazon Kindle Fire might not be a bad idea either. As you can tell I'm not really tied to one system, but I am liking this Apple thing though.
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    Hay, just wanna help u with ure problem.
    It depend from u, are u comfort bring some large gadget like an ipad to u'r work.
    For my opinition an ipad large screen would helpfull for u'r work. But if u dun like to bring any large device, u can try galaxy tab or galaxy note.

    For transfer between u'r device, u can use itunes or dropbox for some media content ( for 400 song, that will have along shot ) and idrive lite for backup en restore u contact.

    I hope this helpfull.
    12-08-2011 10:28 AM