1. megadastard's Avatar
    I have a jailbroken Ipad 2 and also a jailbroken Apple TV Gen 1.
    I would like to watch movies which are on the Ipad streamed to the ATV when it is connected to a large screen.
    I can manage to share an Itunes library and successfully view them on the ATV but only after converting them from the usual avi format which , Itunes of course, won't play..
    I would like to use something like Plex to play the avi movies on the Ipad but stream them to the ATV.

    I"ve installed Remote HD app on the ipad so I can get the airplay option choose ipad or Apple TV-RHD.
    If I play the movie and select the ATV option the ATV displays a message that Remote HD - Airplay server plugin needs activating first by connecting for the first time.
    I have done this and can control the ATV remotely from the Ipad but I cannot display content from the Ipad to the ATV .
    When I try to select the Airplay on Apple TV-RHD , I get exactly the same error saying I must activate it first.
    Any ideas please ?

    11-07-2011 10:17 PM