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    Hi, I have a weird problem and really need help.

    Wife and I have our own ipads. When her apps would not work and her device was not recognising her user id, i tried to access it using my user id. that did not work but for some strange reason, upon reverting to her user id, it started working fine.

    however, all my apps, quite a number of which were purchased migrated to my wife's ipad in the purchased tab of apps store. the apps remained in my ipad - i can use them but they no longer show up in the purchased tab of apps store in my ipad. as a result, my apps cannot get updated if there are any updates and each time i try to do so - it says - cannot connect to itunes store.

    on the other hand, in settings>icloud>storage & backup>manage storage>this ipad - i can see all my apps that should be in the purchased tab.

    at my wits' end here and would really appreciate any help on how i can get my apps back, short of repurchasing them , which is going to be painful. thank you.
    11-05-2011 08:03 AM
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    oh dear, a hopeless situation??
    11-06-2011 11:27 PM
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    Check and see what iTunes I'd is signed in under the settings an then store ?

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    11-06-2011 11:37 PM