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    Hi all. New iOS user here. Yesterday my wife wanted to watch a free movie (Peeping Tom) on youtube.com/movies and it appeared to be not available for mobile. I tried to switch to desktop mode but I got another message that flash is not supported on this device. Other movies that are available for mobile play fine. So I tried a couple of alternative browsers from app store but no avail. as soon as I switch to desktop mode (e.g Desktop Safari, Firefox) it says no flash. I though that switching to desktop mode will still use HTML 5 to play the vids just as on mobile version. I am able to do that on my android phone with any alternative browser (e.g. Dolphin) just by switching to desktop mode. I understand however on android it uses Flash itself which is not available on iOS. Could anyone suggest me an alternative way on how to watch these movies I would grealty appreciate that. I would purchase a browser that could actually be able to do that but I need to be absolutely sure it will work because I don't want to spend money for another unneeded purchase.
    thank you !

    11/1/2011, Well thanks for help everyone...
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    10-29-2011 05:28 PM
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    I use iSwifter from the app store to watch flash sites. I initially got it so I could watch the New Yankee Workshop. I just tried it and the YouTube movies site works.

    It's not totally perfect as it stutters sometimes but it does work.
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    11-05-2011 10:48 PM
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    Thanks a lot! I'll try it out today!
    11-07-2011 07:47 AM