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    I got my iPad on launch day. Reserved it from apple.com and picked it up at my local Apple Store. When the iPad 2 was announce I planned to upgrade. But as days turned into weeks and weeks to months it was still difficult to walk into a store and find one. All the while I was still enjoying my iPad 1! My iPhone 4 gave me FaceTime so I wasn't missing out in portable video chat, and my ipadstill worked great and did everything I wanted. I soon realized that was glad I never got the 2. It being sold out for so long became a blessing.

    Now, I think I will be more than ready for the iPad 3- assuming it will be in stock and have some awesome new features. Until then, my iPad 1 (which I am using right now!) really is a magical device and I use it more than my iMac or iPhone!

    Anyone else glad they didn't upgrade?
    10-10-2011 09:34 AM