1. Abs31300's Avatar
    Can anyone give me any advice as to how to get video clips taken with my sanyo video camera into iMovie on iPad 2.
    At present I am loading the clips onto my iPad from sd card, using apple camera connection kit. This loads the clips into my albums section but not to my camera roll. I then have to email the clip to myself, open the email and the save the clip to camera roll. I can then load them into iMovie for editing. This seems a very long winded method of doing this as sometimes I have to edit the clips prior to emailing them to myself due to the size of the files.
    Does anyone know of another method, or is there something I am missing.

    09-09-2011 04:14 AM
  2. Abs31300's Avatar
    Please help.
    09-10-2011 08:15 AM
  3. serwan's Avatar
    I think there is no way, you have to send yourself as a email.or put it on itunes then to imovie app in itumes
    09-10-2011 09:40 AM