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    How noticeable is the difference? Obviously the screen is the same, but the processor is faster, and it is thinner/lighter.

    I currently have an iPad, and am debating getting an iPad 2. Will I really notice a significant difference between the two?

    08-28-2011 10:11 PM
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    I had the og iPad and now own the iPad 2. Aside from the thinness of the iPad 2 and the front/rear camera I have noticed a quicker response with apps on it as opposed to the original due to the processor. The processor does make a difference although the og iPad was never really that slow IMHO. I actually like the form/feel factor of the og iPad vs iPad 2 though.
    08-28-2011 10:55 PM
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    For speed the major difference is web surfing. I compared me and my friends against each other( he has the first gen and me the second) and it's really close to twice as fast in that area on some websites. The apps do open faster, like infinity blade opened a good amount faster, but the actual game performance once it was open was too close to tell. And for the size, the 2 lays flat on a table, no wobble, which is nice and the use of the smart cover I love too. And the cameras are handy, other than that not too many differences. I'd go either way, wait for the 3 or go ahead and get the iPad 2. Just what your feeling mostly, it's wasn't all too significant of an upgrade.

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    08-29-2011 01:38 AM