1. sunrat39's Avatar
    Like the title says. I didn't get the iPad 2 because I felt like the iPad 1 could do what I wanted (emails, web browsing, school work and some games). However, with the third iPad coming out, I feel like I should upgrade because down the line it will not be supported by iOS 6 (?) and I just feel like I would be way behind the curve.

    So, my plan is to sell my iPad 1 (64gb WIFI only) towards an iPad 3 (at least 32gb). What about you guys?
    08-26-2011 04:50 PM
  2. BrindawithanI's Avatar
    I'm good! I want an iMac next so I'm hanging in there with OG iPad and iPhone 4.
    08-26-2011 04:54 PM
  3. CG68's Avatar
    I just gave my OG iPad to my mom and ended up buying the iPad 2. I couldn't wait for the iPad 3 with no definitive release dates on the horizon. If the new feature are worth the upgrade I will just sell my iPad 2 on Ebay/CL and get the iPad 3 when it's officially announced.
    08-26-2011 07:01 PM
  4. Ravynmagi#IM's Avatar
    Still using my iPad 1 16GB everyday. I tried to replace it with an Android Honeycomb tablet, but the OS just didn't feel ready to me, so I returned them and went back to my iPad.

    I even picked up an iPad 2. Played with it for a bit, but it just didn't feel like it was worth the money and my iPad 1 seemed to have a better screen (what's the deal with iPad 2 screen quality?). So that went back.

    I'm doubtful an iPad 3 will arrive this year. Seems those rumors are dying down and they are talking 2012 now. Was real hard to believe Apple would release an iPad 3 this year anyway.

    So that will give me time to check out the Andriod 4 tablets coming out this fall.

    I'm almost certainly going to replace this iPad 1 with an iPad 3 or Android 4 tablet. I have a 16GB model and I'm wanting something with more capacity and I want some more memory as well.
    08-26-2011 07:23 PM
  5. anon(4144202)'s Avatar
    I'm going to keep my OG iPad until I find out at least sone features of the iPad 3
    08-26-2011 08:44 PM
  6. riley9dy's Avatar
    I will definitely buy the iPad 3. My og ipad already lags at times and I don't even have ios 5... I'm afraid that once i do update it won't be able to handle ios5 very well so I will upgrade just for the speed.
    08-27-2011 10:03 AM
  7. Eileen89's Avatar
    I have the iPad 2 now, but do plan on upgrading to the iPad 3 provided the features match what I'm looking for in a Tablet.
    08-27-2011 07:43 PM
  8. ChrisLuce#IM's Avatar
    I'm still using my 16GB WiFi iPad and love it. I would like to have a camera for FaceTime but I will get an iPad 2 before I went to a 3!!!
    08-28-2011 05:01 PM
  9. energyy's Avatar
    I will go for ipad3, skipped ipad2 , but ipad 3 for sure!
    08-31-2011 03:00 AM
  10. slide's Avatar
    If the IP3 has retina or close to retina display, it'll be tough for me to pass up. If not, it'll really depend on what its features are. While I'd rather have an IP2 over my OG, the upgrades weren't sufficient for me to get the 2.
    09-03-2011 11:13 AM
  11. Brickman's Avatar
    Unless my iPad1 will not run iOs5 or newer Apps I'll still with it. Fits what I need it to do just fine. Besides, Wife gets new laptop before I get any new toys
    09-03-2011 10:52 PM
  12. anon(4144202)'s Avatar
    Unless my iPad1 will not run iOs5 or newer Apps I'll still with it. Fits what I need it to do just fine. Besides, Wife gets new laptop before I get any new toys
    I didn't think about that. Hopefully the OG iPad will at least have the thumb keyboard, imessage, and the new notifications. I just want mine to hold me over till a) the iPad 3 comes out or b) till apple announces the features of iPad 3 to let me know if I should get the 2 or the 3
    09-03-2011 11:02 PM
  13. pmararav's Avatar
    I kept the OG iPad when 2 was released because there were not many differences (except the design and processing power and memory).

    But I do believe that the OG vs iPad3 difference curve will be greater and I think I will get one
    09-04-2011 08:33 AM
  14. TamnoLice's Avatar
    Well, I skipped iPad 2. But I will get IPad 3 for sure. I hope it will have Retina display.
    09-04-2011 02:14 PM
  15. epb's Avatar
    I always planned to skip a generation, so I'll get the 3 but knowing how the release backlogs work it will be a while. I usually pass on my old machines to family and they were pretty sore I didn't get the iPad2
    09-05-2011 06:15 AM
  16. Paddy's Avatar
    I skipteken iPad2 for iPad3. But it will Be long waiting till spring 2012 .
    09-13-2011 02:27 PM
  17. aaronkwok's Avatar
    I will if I have money~~~
    09-13-2011 10:29 PM
  18. Rocktapus's Avatar
    i'll probably upgrade. i skipped the ipad2 because after using it, the differences weren't all that drastic. but i remember when i had the original ipod touch came out, i was happy to use that until iOS4 came out, and the 1st gen iTouch wasn't supported. i feel like that'll be the case with the original iPad and iOS6 or 7.
    09-21-2011 12:10 PM
  19. Neutrino's Avatar
    Unless my iPad1 will not run iOs5 or newer Apps I'll still with it. Fits what I need it to do just fine. Besides, Wife gets new laptop before I get any new toys
    This sums it up for me. Until my OG iPad can no longer function due to either hardware limitations or lack of iOS update support, I'll keep it. I am more inclined to keep my iPhone upgraded than my iPad.
    09-21-2011 12:32 PM
  20. JT3D's Avatar
    I didnt get the OG iPad I got the iPad 2 and I like most people in this thread feel that as long as the current OS is supported I wouldnt feel compelled to upgrade...and I tend to agree with the last post also, that I prefer to stay with the newest iPhone than I would the newest iPad...
    09-22-2011 12:20 AM
  21. Srj415's Avatar
    I'll stick to iPad 2 for now.
    09-22-2011 12:41 AM
  22. Calcifer2's Avatar
    I will only upgrade to an iPad 3 if it has a significant feature upgrade. To me that would be a retina-like screen, light as an iPad 2 and more memory (more than iPad 2 to be a bit more future proof)
    09-25-2011 03:26 PM
  23. thinkTwice's Avatar
    Nope. I'm OG, it's iPad all the way for me.
    I see the iPad like a computer- use it until a) it doesn't work anymore or b) it becomes too slow or unstable to the point where it is no longer productive to use it.

    But to tell you the truth, I'm wondering if I even will replace it. My macbook pro rocks and my iPhone rocks. The iPad was a luxury buy.
    09-25-2011 09:59 PM
  24. pilsbury's Avatar
    Unless the iP3 is super impressive I'm sticking to my iP1. It's jail broken and smooth as silk.
    10-02-2011 09:05 AM
  25. HailApple's Avatar
    I have both the iPad and iPad2. Both 32GB and 3G. For having the iPad2 about six months now, here are my thoughts:
    1. WEIGHT -- iP1 is obviously heavier, however, I do feel safe throwing it around. Unlike iP2, which always requires my delicate touch. Probably iP1 is bulkier and doesn't have a camera at the back
    2. BATTERY -- Both are upgraded to iOS4.3x, but iP2 needs charging every 2 days while iP1 still can survive for at least 3-4 days. I use iP2 in daytime in my office together with Macs, iP1 at home mainly for browsing and movies and tv. I suppose iP1 really have good battery capacity
    3. WEB & DOC -- I see different things on the same site with both of them. Eg.. this site streamingtvforipad dot com, I use it almost every night lately for tv shows. in iP1, I can see the screenshot in the video before I play, but not in iP2. In my office, when opening the same Excel using the iPad Numbers, in iP1 the grid view is always organized, but iP2 always seems to have a problem with Excel converted viewing
    4. CAMERA -- iP1 doesn't have a camera, so this is not comparable. However, the iP2 I'm holding is actually my third iP2 due to a faulty rear camera. Apple exchanged twice for me. I don't use the camera now except for app development when comes to augmented reality. The quality of the photos are grainy. It looks good when you took it and view in the iPad, but absolutely disgusting in iPhotos. I now use my Blackberry more often to take photos when needed.
    5. SYNCING -- though I use the iP2 for work, both my iPads have all the same apps installed, and are synced daily. When there is an update for some apps installed, they will be updating the apps automatically in the iPads when you connect them to the iTunes. iP2 always takes 5 to 10 minutes longer to complete. This I'm frustrated because I thought a newer generation hardware is supposedly more advanced, in this case, speed. But it isn't.
    6. 3G Reception -- both are using Vodafone supplied by my company. But for way too many times, iP2 seems to have better signal strength then iP1 while in the same location. This is more obvious either in Underground or a remote golf course.

    To sum it up, I'm not so hype about iP2 but since both are company issued, I obviously took the better one back home for personal pleasure. iPad3 will definitely outbeat iP2 by far to get me consider buying it for myself. But I can say this, the screen size of iPad is really perfect for both work and pleasure. So they get headaches minus one.
    10-04-2011 03:40 PM
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