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    This morning at 3:13 AM my iPad came on and started playing a video from the CNN app. The video began to play (interview with a presidential candidate) and woke me up. However, when I put it on the bedside table to go to sleep it was on Real HD Solitaire. I saw in my email that there was a Breaking News alert from CNN at about 2:53 AM so maybe that did something to the iPad to get it to CNN. Is this common? I researched and saw that people have had the Home screen turn on but not have an app open, scroll to a video and begin playing. Never had this happen before. Should I worry about the iPad? Running down the battery? Political choice of presidential candidate? Ghosts in the house?

    Any ideas?
    08-15-2011 08:46 AM
  2. Eileen89's Avatar
    I've never heard of this happening before, though, not to say it couldn't. Check your settings and see if you have some type of notifications turned on that would be causing this to happen.

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    08-15-2011 03:09 PM
  3. Seven77's Avatar
    That would be cool for severe alerts in your area.

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    08-15-2011 04:47 PM
  4. sphinx23's Avatar
    I see dead people going your way,jk,maybe check your notification settings to see if they tie in with CNN,and turn those off to see if that changes anything
    08-19-2011 11:58 PM