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    As many ipad users knew,iPad is perfect except for one thing: Its touchscreen is not suitable for touch typing,thought the on-screen keyboard is great for simple text input ,yet if you have something longer to type up, it can become very awkward and uncomfortable to us.

    Maybe just in order to fix this problem,here came the Ikeyboard touch type on the iPad 2,which was invented by Cliff Thier.

    This simple overlay to an iPadís touchscreen,yet without adding much to the weight or physical size to let users feel where the keys are, minimizes mistakes, and lets touch typists take advantage of tactile feedback, just the way they do when theyíre typing on a conventional keyboard.

    So,if you are suffering the pain of typing on ipad2,you may can can try this ikeyboard,which was specially designed for touch-typing on iPad 2.
    08-09-2011 12:54 AM

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