1. regnif19's Avatar
    I know that you can connect a flh drive to a jailbroken ipad but my question is can you connect a flash drive to a non jailbroken iPad 2? There are app with propitary software and hardware like airstash, and there are apps on the app store, search USB or iflashdrive. This would be awesome i didn't have jailbreak my iPad 2, also I have access to the iOS 5 beta if anyone has gotten it working in iOS 5. Thanks for the help.
    07-09-2011 03:47 AM
  2. UkimeNikushimi's Avatar
    I don't think there was a way to do this. I hear that you could if you were jailbroken though.

    If you connect a USB with the Camera Connection Kit, it will pop up with 'The attached USB Device is not supported', if I remember right.
    07-10-2011 11:37 PM