1. catadjuster's Avatar
    I'm working in New Zealand and my wife just came over for a visit with her shiny new iPad. Now I want one, but I'm not sure if I should buy one here (64 gb with 3G) or wait until I'm back home. If I buy a 3G model here, will it work on the AT&T network when I get home? I see that bot ATT and Verizon have their own model, so I am assuming there is a difference, I just don't want to have to go with Verizon since everything else I have is ATT.

    06-17-2011 07:41 PM
  2. rayz336's Avatar
    The AT&T one is just the GSM Model for the 3G iPad. Therefore it should work in the states.
    06-17-2011 08:47 PM
  3. p2kart's Avatar
    Keep your wifes, and ask her to get a new one when she gets home?
    06-25-2011 09:54 PM
  4. catadjuster's Avatar
    She's already back home and I have one on order. I'm not a patient person.
    06-25-2011 10:44 PM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    You will not be able to purchase a Verizon iPad in New Zealand, as it's a US only carrier. If you don't use Verizon, then any GSM product you purchase (as long as it's unlocked, which the iPads are) will work on AT&T.
    06-26-2011 09:10 AM