1. mercyy's Avatar
    This game is obviously very addictive, and has all the elements that make a game very attractive. When you play and win or lose the game, you get credit for purchases to upgrade your towers, the next time you play. In this way, the game of tower defense replay value, unlike most other games. This is one reason people continue to use this app, again and again.

    <Castle Attack>$3.99→→→$0.99

    <Castle Attack HD>$5.99→→→$1.99
    06-01-2011 12:38 AM
  2. lundi#IM's Avatar
    any videos?
    06-01-2011 02:58 AM
  3. mercyy's Avatar
    any videos?
    you can search "castle attack" on youtube!
    06-02-2011 12:34 AM
  4. lundi#IM's Avatar
    looks great!
    06-03-2011 04:50 AM
  5. mercyy's Avatar
    At first,I think it looks like cloned version of the PVZ! You can say it is the clone ,but I will say PVZ becomes a play mode. Before I played the other clones pvz games, Rats in the kitchen likes that,I think pvz is becoming a game style.
    In fact, the first level is to give people practice, or take the gift,I got many gifts there .I got all 3 stars this level! I am so excited!
    continued playing.I can get some magics on lv1,good job. But i have some troubles on lv1-6, Sure enough, more difficult in the end of level 1. But not really anything for me.
    Ps: I dont know the designer maybe is trying to funny?the guy with poidrt feels like steal a glance at sb, with an insignificant face!lol....
    I start to feel tough on lv2, I try some ways to find the best way to pass it soon.More magic and more soldiers also more enemies.Come on! Why there is a zombie?They like farting!I must pick them up.... Disgusting!
    Nothing new on lv3 &4,but find a new mini gameoker game. a revolutionary design,Here I will give 4 stars on this game.
    I dont like the lv5 becoz the huge monster. Nothing could stop the advance of them! I passed it depending on chance.
    When you pass lv5-6,all cards open.Great graphic!
    I hate the car throwing stones on lv6&7! I wanna stamped them down! Fortunately I complete it!Share the pic with you all!haha...
    Ps: Play this game really take a lot of time,but I was addicted to it.
    When I feel tired in adventure mode,I choose the mini games.It wont be monotonously.
    Survival mode,tough!20 waves most!!! Cant stand it!!! a large crowd of enemies came and entered the camp. I was aghast. (⊙o⊙)
    I think I am old as a professional player,I have not enough fun in adventure mode,so I play the nightmare mode.Try out different ways and easily pass 28 waves,still work on.

    Great graphic, I think the developer really pay attention to its graphics. Each level has changed the scene, but have not new breakthrough,also the game rules.I like the last snowing level best.So beautiful!If you want to see the last level you must have more brain exercises and adjusting strategies.Use the pvz way to pass ?No way.I think nightmare is the essence of this game,tough but fun!
    06-07-2011 02:27 AM