1. iRoo's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I recently had to swap out my iPad 2 because the bezel randomly came loose, and the new one they gave me seems to have a raised Home Button. It's just slightly raised, but definitely not flush with the bezel itself, and has subsequently been collecting small amounts of dust. Every day I find myself trying to scrape out small amounts of dust buildup that has gathered around the small crevice surrounding the Home Button with my fingernail, as it creates a negative visual quality (at least for me...)

    What I'm really worried about, though, is this creating Home Button issues in the long run. See Daily Tip: How to get around a buggy iPhone Home Button by using Activator [Jailbreak] | TiPb - where I touched upon Jessica's tip on how to clean out a dirty home button. Although it works, this is only a temporary solution to what I believe is a long-term problem for my iPad 2.

    This isn't something I want to be doing every weekend if it gets too bad if/when the Home Button starts being unresponsive due to buildup. Since it isn't flush to the bezel (like the original iPad and iPad 2 I had), would this warrant me taking it in and trying to swap it out *again*? Or is this normal.

    Anyone else seeing a raised Home Button on their iPad 2?
    05-28-2011 10:19 AM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    I did have a black iPhone 4 that was like that. Home button slightly raised and collected all specks of dust around it so I believe this happened to a iPad as well. It was irritating and I ended up having it swapped at Apple for a different reason. But I know what you mean.
    05-28-2011 10:32 AM
  3. pjtiern's Avatar
    Not mine. Sightly indented actually.
    05-28-2011 11:27 AM
  4. jhembach's Avatar
    I bought my iPad 2 the day it was released.

    - The first iPad had a raised home button that picked up dirt and grease when you ran your finger across it, so I returned it.
    - The second iPad had a home button that felt the same as it does on the other devices, namely seamless. Unfortunately, it came right out of the box with a machine mark-marred back. I left it in the store and they ordered another.
    - The third iPad developed a nasty yellow backlight leak from the left
    - The fourth iPad came right out of the box with the same raised home button issue as the first.
    My 5th (!!) iPad 2 is apparently in now and I'm going to pick it up on Monday.

    So: two of the four iPads I've had so far have had this raised home button issue. It's clearly not a design change, because the other two did not, nor do any of the demo units out in the store, nor have any other iOS devices I've owned (all four generations of iPhone plus the first-gen iPad) had this issue.

    I will say that, as frustrating as it's been, the Apple Store staff are always very quick and professional in dealing with the exchanges. Sure, I'm being picky. At the same time, I'm paying a lot for a product and I expect that it meets the hardware quality standard Apple has set for itself.

    Anyway, the short of it is: you're not crazy. Take it in, tell them you know it's a thing some people may not complain about but it really bothers you, and I'm sure they'll happily exchange it for another. Just make sure you have a really good look at it while still in the store.
    05-28-2011 12:01 PM
  5. Zed London's Avatar
    I would take it back tom the apple store....
    06-01-2011 10:41 AM
  6. Eileen89's Avatar
    The home button on my iPad 2 is fine. As was mentioned above, I would take it back and get it exchanged.

    Sent from my iPad 2 using Tapatalk
    06-01-2011 07:26 PM
  7. Ham Solo's Avatar
    Yep! Exchange that sucker!
    06-02-2011 07:56 AM
  8. hpcomputergeek's Avatar
    Mine is fine. I use multitasking gestures instead of my home button.
    06-02-2011 08:34 AM
  9. sfbates#CB's Avatar
    i had raised, before i dropped it and blew up my glass... off to replacement. hope my button stays same
    06-02-2011 11:23 AM