1. macharborguy's Avatar
    Just wanted to make mention that after reading the front page story about the Dual GPS Receiver, i took it upon myself to order it via Amazon.

    The $99 price point was hit or miss for me, but the way I looked at it was this: I already have a WiFi iPad, and was thinking of getting a 3G iPad 2 sometime later this year. However, the added $120 price tag plus a 3G service contract made the $100 for the Dual an easy choice, especially since this works with the iPod Touch as well.

    The device works and works very well. In practical use it has about the same GPS tracking performance as my iPhone 4. I didn't run both the iPhone 4 and XGPS150-enabled iPad at the same time (which I plan to do tonight), but i didn't notice any issues.

    The device, oddly, did not require a passcode to pair it with the iPad, though the manual made mention of '0000' and '1234' as pairing codes.

    So far I have used Google Maps and Navigon MobileNav and they have worked perfectly. Google Maps even gives the option to use GPS+Compass, though it is not supported apparently with the XGPS and simply displays the 'Figure-Eight' alert.

    Having the iPad as my GPS navigation will be very good for my trip to the Detroit Maker Faire this summer, using the iPhone 4 for nav on the long drive there, then the iPad once we near the area.
    05-05-2011 01:32 PM