1. Morac's Avatar
    I've been seeing an issue with my iPad 2 since I got it. I have my iPad 2 set up to sync the calendar with Yahoo as well as Facebook (using fbcal.com). When I restart my iPad 2, all the calendar events are deleted off the iPad and they don't automatically resync until I manually run the calendar app. As such I have to remember to run the calendar app manually every time I restart my iPad 2 or any calendar alerts I have set won't occur.

    I have Yahoo set to Push, but Calendar doesn't push with Yahoo. I have Fetch set to manual. This is how I have it set on my iPhone as well and events don't go MIA when I restart that. Both are running 4.3.1 (haven't upgraded yet).

    Anyone else see this?
    04-15-2011 04:20 PM