1. Thudstaff's Avatar
    Can I use an iPad2 to give Powerpoint presentations to clients? I'm assuming if the answer is "yes" that I'd need a cable to connect it to their projection system.

    I have a 3GS phone and may/may not get a new iPhone when the next one comes out. If I don't, I'll relegate the 3GS to iTouch duty. IF I can use the iPad2 for presentations, could I use the iPhone/iTouch to control the iPad during presentations?

    Is Garageband all that and a bag of chips on the iPad? I'm a bass player and was thinking something like GB would be cool to sketch out songs initially.

    What kinds of wait times are folks experiencing for the iPad2?

    That's it for now. Thanks.
    04-04-2011 04:29 PM
  2. Thudstaff's Avatar
    Too many questions? Stupid questions?!?
    04-04-2011 07:33 PM
  3. johnmarshall4's Avatar
    Keynote will import power point files and present full screen or to a projector with the optional VGA or HDMI adapter from Apple. There is an iPhone app called Keynote Remote that you can use to control it from the phone.

    Yes Garageband is all that IMHO - but can only do 4/4 time right now.

    I went in early to the Apple store several times and waiting more hours than I care to admit to get my iPad2. But things are getting better each week.
    04-04-2011 07:57 PM
  4. Thudstaff's Avatar
    Thanks for the info...much appreciated.
    04-04-2011 08:00 PM
  5. vplc's Avatar
    i've been doing some research and it looks like the ipad 2 is capable of mirroring whats on the screen now. can you verify that thudstaff?
    04-19-2011 05:58 PM