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    haven't seen this posted. It's an ipad 2 3G teardown. ifixit only shows the wifi version. There are some differences

    Apple iPad 2 3G Teardown -- InformationWeek

    interesting stuff. some slightly different components. A lot of stuff is similar to the wifi ipad 2 but I noticed that Avago still has a chip. They were on the Verizon iphone 4. I'd read once that they were a one off and were gonna get replaced with a triquint chip but apparently not. There's some other chips on the board too by skyworks that i don't think are on the wifi version. i think they are for running the 3G chips but i'm not positive. i think the Qualcomm chip does all the 3G now. same as the Verizon iphone. I think it used to be Infineon.

    there are more pics in the above link
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