Save $99 on Apple's iPad Air: Now just $500 at Amazon

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    So I've been trying to decide between the pink and blue Smart Cover (my hubby wants me to have the blue in case he ever borrows it, LOL)

    I was torn between the two, and saw that the closest Best Buy had both colors (all the other Best Buys around were out of the blue one), so I went up to look at them.

    The pink isn't the soft pastel pink that I thought it was going to be.....instead it was more of a coral pink and darker than I had imagined.....I didn't like the pink one very much after seeing it......the blue one I liked, and is pretty close to the pictures I've seen of it, maybe more of a light blue, the pictures are almost aquaish, so I went ahead and bought one of the blue ones.

    Now hopefully I actually have my order filled through Wal-Mart, and it wasn't a glitch in their system that I was able to get an order in for it yesterday!!
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