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    Just incase anyone was interested, I ran benchmarks against the iPad 2.

    Geekbench seems like the only legitimate benchmarking suite for iOS, so it was used to get these numbers. Numbers don't really mean too much, but in app performance and launch times of traditionally heavy apps like X-Plane seem to be much quicker.

    These numbers are after clearing all background processes and doing a full reboot.

    iPad 1 (AT&T/64 GB/4.2.1): 420

    iPad 2 (Verizon/64 GB/4.3.0): 748

    EDIT: Seems like I can't link to the full benchmark result pages because I just joined this forum, but you can find the links to the full results (broken down by test) on Twitter user richrhee.

    Since this is a cross-platform/hardware benchmark here are some numbers I got with some other systems for reference:

    iPhone 3GS (32 GB/4.2.1): 278
    iPod Touch 4 (8 GB/4.2.1): 375
    11" Macbook Air (1.6 Ghz/4 GB): 2521
    Windows 7 PC (i7-2600k/8 GB): 9312
    Linux CentOS 5.5 (i7-930 Overclocked @ 3.83 GHz): 11413

    03-11-2011 11:40 PM
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    I wish there was a test that would give iPad some real work to do like 'answer the question where the universe starts and where it ends'.... and let him come with some brilliant idea
    The test could be done - tell me what you think after 15 minutes or... tell me when you are done thinking... Could be interesting unless it will last forever
    06-10-2011 11:36 AM