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  1. RawisTheGameHhH's Avatar
    mine is out for delivery; woohoo
    03-16-2011 08:38 AM
  2. spiderman001728's Avatar
    Out For Delivery!!!!!!!!!!
    03-16-2011 09:19 AM
  3. Rji2goleez's Avatar
    Two ordered; one 64Gb black wifi; one 64Gb wifi + att 3G. Still not shipped! :-(

    Order Date: Mar 11, 2011 at 01:31 AM PDT
    03-16-2011 10:46 AM
  4. Dyvim's Avatar
    Also out for delivery today!

    Smart Cover and AV Adapter look like they won't make it here until Friday.
    03-16-2011 10:48 AM
  5. RawisTheGameHhH's Avatar
    my leather smart-case has been on its way to HK for 2 days....hmmm
    03-16-2011 10:49 AM
  6. jlevine31's Avatar
    Good god. Ordered 4:20 AM EST day first day a 64 gb 3g ATT black ipad and still not out for delivery!
    03-16-2011 10:54 AM
  7. JHBThree's Avatar
    Mine's out for delivery, 24 hours ahead of schedule! Because I missed Fedex yesterday, my smart cover and iPad should arrive together!
    03-16-2011 11:19 AM
  8. jkfritcher's Avatar
    WOOO!!! Out for delivery! Apple's delivery estimate FTW!!!
    03-16-2011 11:39 AM
  9. rustyjar79's Avatar
    iPad out for delivery. Giggity!
    03-16-2011 11:49 AM
  10. aimetti's Avatar
    like usual , my package is stuck in newark nj,

    all my fedex packages that hit that hub always take forever. horrid.
    03-16-2011 12:02 PM
  11. toulmantwo's Avatar
    Ipad 64 att 3g Ordered on Friday the 11 3:55am eastern still not shipped .

    I getting P. O.
    03-16-2011 01:00 PM
  12. corkyluu's Avatar
    My iPad would have been delivered yesterday (March 15th) but I wasn't home to sign for it. Should be here today though!
    03-16-2011 01:09 PM
  13. jvwong96's Avatar
    No delivery notification for me and I ordered at 04:21EST
    03-16-2011 01:14 PM
  14. Morac's Avatar
    I ordered a 63 GB 3G (AT&T) Black at 6:11 AM EST (time stamp of email confirmation) and it's status still sitting there showing that it will be shipped in 3 to 5 days with a delivery date of March 18 to 25th. If it doesn't ship within the next 24 hours, there's no way they'll make that delivery time frame.

    On a side note, the cover I ordered "shipped" Sunday (picked up Monday) and has currently been in transit somewhere in Hong Kong for the past day and a half. It had a ship time frame of 1 to 2 business days with a delivery by date of at the latest March 21. I don't think it will make it here by then either.

    Apple was in no way ready to ship the iPad 2. They should have simply made March 11th the pre-order date if they weren't planning to ship until the following week.
    03-16-2011 01:25 PM
  15. larick's Avatar
    Mine says "on fedex vehicle for delivery" but also states "delivered by tomorrow". We'll see when it comes.

    It arrived Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 12:59 PM PT.
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    03-16-2011 01:35 PM
  16. zagman76's Avatar
    Mine hasn't even been 'prepped for shipping'

    I ordered Black 32GB ATT at 5:54am Mar 11, and it says Ships 3-5 business days and delivers Mar 18- Mar 25. I know it's only been 3 business days, but come on!

    My cover and HDMI adapters are in Newark, NJ right now and I will probably get them tomorrow.
    03-16-2011 01:44 PM
  17. DenatureX's Avatar
    This is what I got:
    Mar 16, 2011 10:37 AM
    Delivery exception (city)
    Customer not available or business closed

    I signed the form to leave it at my door without being there and everything and they still post this message. I called Fed Ex and they said they have no idea why they didnt leave it at the door. They are going to message the guy to try and redeliver.

    I just came home for lunch and the fed ex slip says someone must be in person to sign for it. If thats the case why give me the option to leave the release form? So I guess I will be waiting in line at fed ex after i get off of work.
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    03-16-2011 01:58 PM
  18. Biffer's Avatar
    My 16GB white wifi iPad 2 was delivered in Minneapolis today. I ordered it at 1:20 AM PST on 3/11.

    I ordered another 16GB white wifi iPad 2 today. It is not scheduled to ship until 4/20...bummer.
    03-16-2011 02:09 PM
  19. ballajb's Avatar
    Mine says on fedex truck for delivery but the estimated delivery date says March 17th. I orderd my iPad at 12:57am Friday morning
    03-16-2011 02:15 PM
  20. rustyjar79's Avatar
    Delivered! Syncing and ready to be loved! Man, I sold my original iPad 2 months ago waiting for this because I wanted the camera. Time to play!!!

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    03-16-2011 02:33 PM
  21. jkfritcher's Avatar
    W0000t!!! The iPad 2 has landed!!!

    Sent from my iPad
    03-16-2011 02:36 PM
  22. zagman76's Avatar
    It seems like the WiFi models are shipping/arriving ahead of the ATT/VZW models.
    03-16-2011 02:39 PM
  23. jkfritcher's Avatar
    That could be, mine is a 64GB WiFi model.
    03-16-2011 02:41 PM
  24. marshaleigh's Avatar
    Just arrived in LA at 1pm. The fedex guy said he had a whole truck load going all over town and asked me what they were!!
    03-16-2011 03:00 PM
  25. Dyvim's Avatar
    64 GB Black WiFi model just delivered. Syncing now...
    03-16-2011 03:17 PM
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