1. vzwdavid's Avatar
    It is my one source for iPhone & iPad information I frequent this site everyday at the very least.
    03-05-2011 03:32 PM
  2. Drarrex's Avatar
    What keeps me coming back is the forums! Woohoo for forums and contests!
    03-05-2011 03:44 PM
  3. mk3s's Avatar
    I wanna win because tipb is the go-to num 1 site for my inews!! Pick meeee
    03-05-2011 03:50 PM
  4. rodrigobran's Avatar
    When i first when to the original "theiphoneblog.com" i though it was another website about iPhone lovers. Yet i was right of something, it was another thing. Me, i didn't care about phones, for that time, it was just a simple device to communicate. Even more, i didn't care about technology either. So i get in to this site just to learn a bit, but this site, had shown more than just to know about it. To love it too. Because of them i love phones now, i love how those things work, how they amaze me everyday. How the technology changes trough time, how they go improving them selves. They shown me one of the must important things in life, how to jailbreak my iPhone , my brothers iPod touch, and my moms iPad. What apps that will help me trough the day. To be able to advice my dad about what phone he should get. I love this site not because it helped me to learn about three magnificent devices. But it opened me the door to a world of technology that i didn't know it existed. I come back to this site almost naturally, because it has become part of my daily internet experience. Thats what i like of this site
    03-05-2011 04:03 PM
  5. Shogun182's Avatar
    The reason I love tipb is all of the knowlege I gain from the forums and podcast.. You guys and gals cover everything aboout IOS devices and I know if/when I have a question I can hit up tibp and no doubt will find a solution. TiPb was the first site I bookmarked when i got my new laptop because I use it everyday. So thank you to everybody at tipb for all the blood sweat and tears put into making TiPb the best damn IOS site on the web!!
    03-05-2011 04:14 PM
  6. amazon#IM's Avatar
    What I really like about the site, is the snippets of updates and news about iOS and the "how-to" posts, also I especially like the daily pick of apps for iphone and ipad. Really helps in picking the best and cutting through the clutter of the App Store
    03-05-2011 04:18 PM
  7. joe_kapla's Avatar
    I have been obsessing over this for months! Please let me win!
    03-05-2011 04:23 PM
  8. Wyatt's Avatar
    I like the podcasts the best. Rene really likes to push peoples buttons and I think he enjoys it.
    03-05-2011 04:24 PM
  9. rexamus's Avatar
    I always come back to TiPb to check out the forums. I learn new things about my (jailbroken :x) iPhone everyday!
    03-05-2011 04:28 PM
  10. TiNuts's Avatar
    Tipb is the only place i go for iPhone and iPad info. Winning one would make my father in law quite jealous.
    03-05-2011 04:33 PM
  11. Daniel Pinho's Avatar
    Well, the thing I love most about TiPb is that it literally has everything I need to know about my iPhone and iPad. The website is superb, and would still be even if there wasn't any giveaways at all - the giveaways are just the cherry on the top of the cake.
    Congrats to Rene, Georgia and all crew for keeping such an awesome site up to date so fast. I mean, TiPb always has the hot news first. You guys kick some serious ***.
    Cheers from Brazil,
    03-05-2011 04:34 PM
  12. eg2row's Avatar
    what i like most about tipb is how they are always up to date with every iOS product out there. if i ever hear about something i always come and check it out here so i can confirm it. i love how their always on point with everything, and always want to hear what we have to think!
    03-05-2011 04:35 PM
  13. kalahari#IM's Avatar
    Simple really. TiPb always has the latest news on iPhone, iPod, iPad...
    03-05-2011 04:36 PM
  14. ifellasleep's Avatar
    My favorite thing about TiPb is the forums and the tipb podcast. The forums are a fun place to learn new things and brush up new tips/tricks and the podcast is fun to listen to ios oriented content/news while doing chores and other duties around the house. i hope i win I never win any contest
    03-05-2011 04:41 PM
  15. midnighte13's Avatar
    I'd love one. I love my iPhone4, so the next best thing to add to the collection would be an iPad!
    03-05-2011 04:43 PM
  16. jeffg's Avatar
    The product review videos.
    03-05-2011 04:46 PM
  17. daveed.dj's Avatar
    I have been wanting an iPad for a long time, but am still running low on cash. Consider me entered into this giveaway!
    03-05-2011 04:54 PM
  18. HannahBananas's Avatar
    I like the how to videos, I really want an IPad2 to help my son with his speech delay!
    03-05-2011 04:54 PM
  19. Nickc#IM's Avatar
    While at work I'll bounce over to TiPb.com on the work PC to destress for a few minutes and check out the prime time updated blogs of the day.
    Lunch time I hit the iPhone live Podcast to hear the latest insider scoop from the TiPb.com crew.
    Late nights include TiPb.com to reference tips from the forums and check in for the last few posts of the day!
    What keeps me coming back? Brand Spanking New tips and info all day long!!
    Winner winner chicken dinner may I please be enlightened with an iPad 2?
    03-05-2011 05:09 PM
  20. Jamess9046's Avatar
    What I love about tipb is they provide information about apple products people actualy care about videos which help you and a amazing accessories store you guys run the best blog about apple on the Internet
    03-05-2011 05:21 PM
  21. Guzman's Avatar
    My favorite thing about TiPb has got to be the people. When you listen to a podcast you get a great variety of experience and opinion and that transcends through the forums and everything about the site.

    I would love to have an iPad 2 especially because of the Smart Covers and the Face Time chat. It would also be nice to have for my school work to keep me busy when i'm away from my mac.
    03-05-2011 05:23 PM
  22. piranhadonna's Avatar
    TiPb has the most up to date info around. I follow on Twitter and check the website multiple times a day!!!!!!! I really would love an Ipad 2
    03-05-2011 05:23 PM
  23. litopr67's Avatar
    i want one i hope it win
    03-05-2011 05:44 PM
  24. mrmvmatson's Avatar
    TiPb is Awesome and let me tell you why.

    TiPb celebrity hosts and the knowledgeable staff do their jobs with humor accompanied by thoughtful and accurate assistance. TiPb does this in a cyber space that others just muddle with talk and no action. You provide the information we come to depend on and cleverly keep us hooked. When I need to know or understand anything to do with my mobile Apple products I come here first.

    Georgia " Buzz... you are rambling".

    Thank you for all you do.

    Oh and I would Dig an iPad 2 if you are so inclined to select this humble TiPb follower.
    03-05-2011 05:47 PM
  25. flgator14's Avatar
    I read TiPb everyday and I love the daily tips and the predictions for the iOS devices. The questions answered are pretty good too. Just a nice fresh approach to iOS news.
    03-05-2011 05:52 PM
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