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  1. Fabolouis's Avatar
    What brings me to this sight is of course Georgia. Kidding a side, your site is full of knowledge, news and is organized in a manner that a newbie like me can get the entire scoop in one place. I love the Pod cast and look forward to them with much anticipation. I think this is the best iphone/ipad site on the net. Your staff is genuine and honest with out all the crappy hype. You have a great thing here and I try to recommend it every chance I get.

    Thank you for your efforts

    03-08-2011 12:17 PM
  2. jjolley's Avatar
    I love tipb because it helps me get the most out of my ipod with their how to videos and their posts on new stuff.
    03-08-2011 12:17 PM
  3. silverthorne's Avatar
    You provide information from different perspectives, which helps us to make better decisions about one of our favorite technologies. Thanks...
    03-08-2011 12:19 PM
  4. GuidoAS's Avatar
    I love the daily tips, which keep me on the feed every day, because they include tips for jail broken and non-jail broken set ups (I have one device that is and one device that isn't).

    03-08-2011 12:19 PM
  5. Josmer's Avatar
    I love TiPB because of all the information i receive from them. I have grown to love iOS products because of all of the things I have learned from this site. It's also beneficial to me cause I work at Best Buy and it's real easy to sell people the devices because I know the product. So if I ever need to know anything about the iPad, iPhone, iTouch or any thing i, I don't Google it, I TiPB it.
    03-08-2011 12:20 PM
  6. ryoung's Avatar
    I've been following every detail of the iPhone since January '07. Right around the time that the first gen device was released I was working at "Ma Bell" and stumbled across this blog. It was as if someone in Heaven said "Yes, Ryan, I shall give you a blog dedicated to your obsession. You're welcome." I've been a faithful reader ever since! Now with TiPb being about more than just iPhone, I find myself even more wrapped up in the site. The amount of time in my day spent on TiPb is ridiculous. For example, the first thing I do in the morning is check my email, second thing (while still in bed) is check the site to see what's new in Apple's world. There are, obviously, other blogs, but none are quite like TiPb. Each blogger has such great personalities, which comes through in their posts. Each person has a different sense of humor, yet there is an over-all feel of hardcore-iPhone/iPad/iPod/AppleTV-obsessed-geekdom that I just love! Not to mention the app recommendations (oy vey, the money you guys "make" me spend! ) and the case reviews (I have a "thing" for cases, so that's so helpful!)
    I am a proud Machead, and my addiction between hits (Apple products) is reading TiPb. No joke, people!
    03-08-2011 12:20 PM
  7. tnations's Avatar
    What I love most about TiPb is the product reviews. Accessories and addons aren't cheap, so I like having a source for consistent and impartial reviews.

    Thanks in advance for the free iPad 2.
    03-08-2011 12:23 PM
  8. raven_x69's Avatar
    What I love about TiPb is the content and community. You guys are always on point and the people here are awesome and helpful!
    03-08-2011 12:24 PM
  9. achildfromthe80s's Avatar
    I love that is the foremost authority on all things apple. I check several times a day to keep on top of the latest news and any goodie APPS that pop up. has caused me to be addicted to several games because of their reporting.

    03-08-2011 12:25 PM
  10. seanmadi's Avatar
    I love TIPB and come back here instead of other iOS sites because of personality. Other iOS report on stories, but I love TIPB's advice columns and suggestions. I trust TIPB more than anyone else. Keep up the good work!
    03-08-2011 12:25 PM
  11. NPR_Aficionado's Avatar
    I love the podcast, they make my commute to/from work fly by (1hr 15min drive, perfect for the standard iPhone/iPad podcast).

    Absolute favorite thing is that Ally is a Boilermaker!!

    Keep up the great work.
    03-08-2011 12:27 PM
  12. tccruns's Avatar
    TiPb is the most reliable, consistent, credible source of apple info so I need this iPad 2 bad!
    03-08-2011 12:28 PM
  13. durangojim#AC's Avatar
    I love that it's not filled with Android fanboys who go gaga over the xoom.
    03-08-2011 12:31 PM
  14. abear1619's Avatar
    I love how informative and up to date you guys are. My favorite thing is how professional everything is presented. What brings me back everyday is, I don't want to miss a thing. I can rely on tipb to give me all idevice news and support I need.Thanks for all the hard work, it's much appreciated.
    03-08-2011 12:32 PM
  15. n1tro19's Avatar
    My favorite thing about TiPb is that i dont have to go anywhere else for reviews, info, or anything else on my ipod or ios news. i love this site and i visit everyday. It would me the world to me to win an ipad. But anyways you guys are the best site around and i wouldnt go any other place bc u are unbeatable. You guys are the bee's knees and you kick butt.
    03-08-2011 12:32 PM
  16. daihan123's Avatar
    I love this website. Great content. Interesting reviews. Good people with lots of good information in the Forum. I am a casual Apple User. However, the more and more I learn from TiPb, I am rapidly becoming an Apple Power user. Thanks for all the great info you have to offer. This website is a great resource to anyone that owns any Apple product.

    My favorite thing is the Forums. I come back everyday to get updates!
    Last edited by daihan123; 03-08-2011 at 12:35 PM. Reason: ETA-forgot something
    03-08-2011 12:33 PM
  17. ulnek's Avatar
    I come here for the latest news and forums resource. It's an all i one site. :-)
    03-08-2011 12:34 PM
  18. abdnach's Avatar
    No matter the news, if it involves iOS and has some validity, TiPb has it covered. Other sites put everything (fake and real) and its hard to find the articles you're looking for and get whats real and what is fake. TiPb you guys run a solid site and have a wonderful team. Even the users of this site are amazing with all the insight they provide. Thank You for keeping us iOS users out of the darkness!! And now for the best part... Pick me... pick me
    03-08-2011 12:35 PM
  19. rcflo's Avatar
    Why I love TiPb...

    Because for the first 6 months of following, I had absolutely no idea what TiPb stood for!
    03-08-2011 12:37 PM
  20. rborodin's Avatar
    Thank you for a chance to win an Ipad2!
    03-08-2011 12:38 PM
  21. Azure05's Avatar
    I come to tipb everyday, because your the blog that always has Apple news first!
    03-08-2011 12:38 PM
  22. prodwel1's Avatar
    I love that TiPb uses amazing contests to get everyone to leave positive comments. Is this the same forum technology the other blogs use? They could learn a thing or two
    03-08-2011 12:38 PM
  23. matharris's Avatar
    TiPb is the best site for The Apple community who live and love their gadgets. That is why I l
    03-08-2011 12:41 PM
  24. matharris's Avatar
    TiPb is the best site for The Apple community who live and love their gadgets. That is why I love this site
    03-08-2011 12:41 PM
  25. ebtrumpet's Avatar
    I come back for Rene, Georgia and the rest of the gang. Their friendly banter on Twitter helps make the place feel more like a group of friends.
    03-08-2011 12:42 PM
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