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    I'm a bit surprised that, with the release date so close, there was no mention of what sort of data plans would be available for the new iPad 2. Sure, we have AT&T's current plans to judge by... but this will be Verizon's first "full" iPad offering (the bundle with a MiFi doesn't really count). Have there been any rumors/leaks about what they might be charging? ...and does anyone think Apple was able to strong-arm them into going month-to-month like they did AT&T?

    Bigger question: will the CDMA/EV-DO models have a SIM slot? It would be nice to use Verizon while home in the US, but I travel overseas a lot and would love to be able to buy a local SIM when in another country to keep connected to my friends and loved ones at home.

    I realize no one knows the answers to these questions (yet)... but I'm surprised no one has started asking about them already.
    03-03-2011 07:32 PM