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    first post on tipb! anyway, down to it..

    on ipad with iOS 3, i could ssh into and put .png wallpapers in the /library/wallpaper/... and they would show up in the wallpaper settings. i prefer this approach a lot more than syncing thru itunes because:

    1. automator scripts to edit wallpapers from any formant to png in a folder, and sync automatically thru cyberduck, no wires.
    2. i dont like having a photo album full of wallpapers. i dont like iphoto, its too slow as it is, crowding it with more data just for wallpapers is lame.

    now to the problem.

    after iOS 4.2.1, this workflow is broken. i can ssh and copy the files to my ipad but for some reason the wallpapers dont show up in settings. if i go thru iphoto/tunes, i get the wallpapers in my photo albums. as explained i dont like this solution because i have to sync every time to update my wallpapers. is there any way to keep my pre iOS4 workflow?

    12-13-2010 02:37 AM

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