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    Hi all. Great forum.

    Sorry to bug you with my question - and sorry if it was asked before


    I know that it is possible to use iPad AS a remote for Apple TV etc, and most google searches tell me how. BUT, what if the iPad is the device you want to control?

    I know you cant use the white or aluminium remote control because the iPad has no IR.

    Is there any bluetooth based control devices or apps that would allow an iphone/ipod to control the content on an iPad?

    here's why I ask....

    I want to create a videowall for an art exhibition - like you see in this example below.

    videowall on ipods - example:

    Although, I want to use iPads to create my videowall. I want to make a film, split it into 20-30 pieces and load them onto the ipads. Then use 1 device to sync-start all 20 ipads. Any ideas how I could achieve this - my budget is pretty small because I am blowing it all on renting/borrowing/buying the iPads! And yes, it has to be iPads !

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks from sneaky_prawn
    iPad 64gig 3G, v 3.2.2
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    as far as i'm aware nothing non JB can be done to remote control an iPad... especially not 20 at once...

    it would be hard controlling a touch screen device with a nontouch screen

    but i guess if you used an app like Jumimouse+ you could have 20 computers that are sending there screens to iPads then click play on each PC. but again you need 20 PC's all on the same network with 20 iPads that are all sending video (super lag)

    i say get 19 of your closest friends and practice pushing the play button all at once...

    Best of Luck
    10-18-2010 08:43 AM

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