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    The Gilmore Research Group is organizing paid opinion research with iPad owners.

    Qualified participants will receive: 2 pieces of software (substantial value - definitely worth your while!)

    It will be a unique type of study where you would fill out an online journal for about 15 minutes a day, for approximately a week, regarding your use of mobile computing devices. This will take place during the 3rd/4th week of October.

    For more information or to find out if you qualify, call us at:
    800-346-9625 > Ask for the iPAD STUDY

    or send an email to gilmoreresearch @ gmail.com with a phone number(s) and good time to reach you and we will call you (please reference the iPAD STUDY).

    If you have any friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers who may qualify, please forward this message.

    A little more background about Gilmore Research: We organize and recruit for taste tests, focus groups, product and web usability, ethnography and other types of opinion research studies. Participants are compensated for their time and contributions, but they also have fun and often learn something new. Weve been in business for over 60 years. Our research never involves sales; we are strictly gathering opinions for research purposes. For more visit our website Gilmore-research.com.

    Have a great day!

    The Gilmore Research Group
    Seattle, WA and Portland, OR
    10-13-2010 02:54 PM