1. willthetech's Avatar
    My iPad is nice and everything but I am worrying about the future, with only 256 mb memory how much life will this device have for future updates and newer features. I am a little tired of trying to keep up with apple and their 1 year hardware upgrades.
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    09-13-2010 06:28 AM
  2. zwei's Avatar
    It'll have a couple years worth of updates minimum. You just won't be getting all the newest features. Look at what the iPhone 3G is getting with iOS 4 and you'll see what v1 of the iPad will feel like two years from now.
    09-15-2010 03:26 PM
  3. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    I think a better comparison would be iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 ... Minus some hardware specific features ie; gyroscope and retina display + Double Ram ... iOS experience is virtually the same. I am comfident that a front facing camera and gyroscope will be added to the next model, as well as double the system ram .. However, I think the current iPad has a lot of life left in it. It's not even a year old yet ;-)
    09-16-2010 02:53 AM
  4. Mella's Avatar
    yeah, the 256 mb memory really a little not enough. Maybe the solution of this is Mobile Hard disk,
    I suppose the upgrade will not be in a year, must be long....
    09-16-2010 03:18 AM
  5. paul100's Avatar
    I'm sure tat you won't get 4gb memory, but can have 2gb so that ipad with a small OS can manage. I think 1gb of RAM is more than enough for the new iPad considering that the iPod Touch 3G and iPhone 3GS have 256mb and a 600MHz of processor..
    09-16-2010 05:28 AM
  6. MobileMania's Avatar
    Apple is all about upgrades and updates. Im pretty sure the next generation of the iPad would be irresistible enough to ditch my current iPad.
    09-20-2010 05:22 AM