1. cjvitek's Avatar
    If I put my iPhone 4 sim into my iPad, can I use the unlimited data that I have with my iPhone?

    I know that if you do it in reverse, you end up with an iPhone but no phone calls.

    08-10-2010 03:15 PM
  2. MobileMania's Avatar
    I am still waiting for my iPad but Im also curious if this works as well. So I did a lil research online. Maybe this link will help.
    08-12-2010 12:41 AM
  3. cjvitek's Avatar
    Thanks. I looked online, but all i could find was using the iPad sim in an iPhone.
    08-12-2010 12:52 PM
  4. MobileMania's Avatar
    Post back whatever happens. It would help a lot those who are having the same thoughts.
    08-13-2010 05:45 AM
  5. Bluesoftail's Avatar
    08-13-2010 05:03 PM
  6. Idelgado782's Avatar
    I posted link to an article in that post that describes how you would go about doing both if you wanted to. Check out the article as well as all of the comments in the article.
    08-15-2010 06:17 PM
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    I should explain. Pulverize, back when we could actually see how much damage we were doing, was only hitting for around 3-4k at five Lacerate stacks (level 80), courtesy of the feral damage bug. As I wrote in the earlier article on the beta bear, my character does about 3,000 DPS on the live realms while tanking a run-of-the-mill 5-man, and a 3-4k Pulverize is about half of what I'd expect to see on a cool Maul crit with minimal buffs. With the amount of lacerate spam that went into Pulverize, just didn't feel like it was worth it, no matter how valuable the additional crit was. We have very available stock of WOW gold on most of the servers and we can deliver your WOW gold on the order in a short while.
    11-23-2010 02:27 AM
  8. Travelin'Rich's Avatar
    There are several threads on this topic so I thought I'd update the most recent thread:

    As of March 25, 2011 it is still possible to use an iPhone4 sim in an iPad. It might be a little tempermental to get working the first time but it does work. That said, previous comments about ATT "watching" what you're doing with your data is still true. I changed the APN from "broadband" to "phone" as someone said this differentiates the iPad from iPhone when I got my iPad 3G connected for the first time today. Once I confirmed it worked by surfing a couple of sites, I moved my sim back to my iPad. About 2 1/2 hours later I got the text from ATT saying:

    "AT&T Free Msg: Did you know an elegible data plan is required for your iPad? Please call 611 or visit ww.att.com/ipad for details."

    For those of you who did the swap and got this message in the past, did you keep doing the swap and did you ever get a follow-up from ATT?
    03-25-2011 04:05 PM