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    Im getting an iPad, and i have an iMac g4, which is basically just a shell now. So ive decided to make my g4 into a stand for my iPad. I know its been done, but ive only seen pictures of it once and the iPad wasn't even fixed in place.

    I plan on buying a 3rd party mount or case and attach that to the neck of the imac. But im facing a couple of problems:

    1. All 3rd party mounts are ugly, i have found one, if i attached it to the imac's neck and it would let me rotate the ipad around, so i could play accelerometer based games while its mounted on the iMac. So i need some good wall mounts, preferably with 360 degree rotation.

    2. What do do with the base, the base is practically hollow, so im obviously going to weigh it down, but it would be cool if i could give it some functionality too, its been suggested that i put a speaker in there, but im not so sure, i think it would be a waste as i have a good set of speakers already which i can plug it into.

    Im completely open to suggestions, i dont HAVE to use a mount or case, but i thought that would be easier than anything else. And as long as the ipad can rotate on the neck thats fine.

    thanks a lot guys
    07-26-2010 01:20 PM
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