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    It is so much better to watch HD DVD movies, TV shows, and music videos on iPad's 9.7 inch HD high-resolution screen. If you want to use Handbrake to rip or convert some DVD movies, videos for your iPad but not sure what are the best settings, the following tips will help you out, especially for beginners.

    1. Use Apple TV Preset

    Because Apple TV can handle higher resolution just as iPad, so you can use Apple TV preset if you want to watch HD videos. After you load DVD or Video into Handbrake, then select Apple TV preset.

    The Apple TV preset works fine for ripping commercial DVDs (Blu-ray DVD movies excluded). If you need to convert HD videos, just raise the resolution to 1280p in picture settings of Handbrake.

    Note: If you can't find picture settings in your toolbar, right click the toolbar and then drag the picture setting icon to it.

    2. Use iPhone & iPod touch Preset

    Using iPhone & iPod touch preset to convert DVD movies and videos to iPad will make the video play on all Apple devices, and the process is quite similar to Apple TV Preset. You just need to change the resolution to 480p.

    Note: If you don't want to bother changing settings for your iPad, you can try some shareware like DVD Ripper for Mac. You just need to import your DVDs, and choose iPad video as output format.
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    dang that seems easy and a good tool. def. gonna give it a shot. thanks for the post!
    06-11-2010 07:22 AM
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    Yes it's awesome watching them on the big screen I watched "Gamer" as my test and it was sweet. I use the Apple TV setting nice info
    06-11-2010 07:27 AM
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    dang that seems easy and a good tool. def. gonna give it a shot. thanks for the post!
    It IS easy. I use it on a PC to convert DVDs to play on my iPhone 3GS. If I use the iPhone preset, it comes out fabulous without touching any other settings.
    06-11-2010 07:28 AM
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    I successfully transfer a DVD to my iPad using Joyoshare Video Converter. It has an iPad-compatible format option, so I can convert the DVD to an iPad-compatible format directly. Then use iTunes to sync the video.
    03-11-2020 05:37 AM