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    As a marketing manager, I often be away on business. Then I can do everything I need, checking email, deal with some business online, everything.
    06-24-2010 11:36 PM
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    TiPb's curious -- how do you use the iPhone for your job?

    We want some real life stories, some real world experience. We want to know what it's like to use the iPhone in your line of work (and yes, being a student or caregiver or stay-at-home parent or even... politician, counts as work!)

    1. Tell us what your job is.
    2. Give us a paragraph or two describing how you use your iPad during your workday. Tell us the *story*.
    3. Share any tips or tricks you might have come across. What about the iPad makes your job easier?
    4. List the top 5, must have apps you use to get that job done.

    And... That's it!

    We'll be picking one reply every week or two and including it in a post right on the front page of TiPb.com. If/when your post gets picked, not only do you get your name (or username) up in lights, you get a sweet $20 iTunes gift certificate for your trouble! And yes, we will prioritize based on how awesome, how funny, how tragic, how well written, how inspiring, how disappointing, -- generally how memorable your entry is. So bring it!

    So what are you waiting for, tell us how you use your iPad for your job?[/QUOTE]

    My Name is Tim Angel
    25 years old
    Im the owner of ZooGue

    My current occupation is inventor/Owner

    Ever since I can remember I have been a huge fan of apple. Well my story goes hand in hand with the iPad. Back when the iPad was announced I knew it was going to be a revolutionary gadget.

    After many days of nonstop brainstorming I came up with an Invention for the iPad. Then I sold basicly everything I had and bought a plane ticket to china. With my home made to scale wood ipad I was on a mission to find a manufacturer and get my product produced. I took a video diary of the entire experience all the ups and downs. From Beginning to end I have All the videos on my You Tube channel.

    I ended up getting so sick I went to the hospital 5 times. They put IV's in me and everything.

    Once the iPad was released for sale I had a friend purchase one and ship it over to me in Guangzhou. My iPad came in real handy since no one in my hotel spoke english. Believe it or not I started taking to this chinese girl I even took her on dates with the ipad and we would communicate soley through the iPad. haha Everyone starred at us. We had an iPad relationship that lasted until I returned back to California about 3 weeks.

    The iPad makes my job alot easier because when I am in china I can communicate with anyone. I can surf the internet whenever i need to without having to do it all on my small phone.

    My tip for the iPad is........ get one hahaah

    There were some great apps I used
    my favorites I used for work was AIM app, Skype app, calculator app to calculate the exchange rate, wells fargo app for keeping track of all of my banking and of course a couple translator apps
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    06-25-2010 06:15 AM
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    1.) College student and I give music lessons on the side.

    2.) I bought my iPad the weekend I graduated! I am so sad to say this but I am a blackberry addict, but since my purchase of an iPad I do not need my BlackBerry like a drug. I have a new addiction, my iPad! I use my iPad for anything and everything. I go out of my way to use my iPad.

    When my students come over they pull out their instrument and look straight at my iPad to see what the lesson is going to entail. I recently found Adobe Ideas (love it!) I use this app to write out chord changes or to notate a rhythm. During the lesson I use a lot of the iPod portion to demonstrate examples of bass lines or what not.

    I love the mail client! It is gorgeous! The fall semester has not started, but we all know how that goes, am I right? This is when Mail comes in! I have used Mail for downloading registration forms for upcoming marching season or just forms for scholarships I have been awarded. When college starts I imagine I will use Pages A LOT more (Can not wait).

    Now my favorite two apps on iPad, Calendar and Notepad! I use these apps everyday, every hour! Calendar, just like mail looks spectacular! I love the feeling of the calendar, very clean (I might have OCD haha)! I use the calendar on the iPad more than on my 9630 (if your not a addict that is a tour haha). The next app is Notepad which is another amazing app! I love the feeling of having a yellow legal pad in my hand.

    3.) I don't know if many know this but I just discovered this, while listening to the iPod portion, say your writing in Pages double tap the home button, it will bring up a little menu to control the iPod. ( sorry about the run-on, it's the excitement of touching my iPad , oh I failed to mention this but I am writing this from my iPad!)

    4.) Calendar, Notepad, Mail, Pages, Adobe Ideas and iPod for six, I know it says five but how can you just narrow it to five? I barely narrowed it down to 6

    P.S. My iPad has replace my laptop, my blackberry, my books and with the newly updated iBooks I now carry music charts with me so it has even replaced some of my music. It really is a magical and revolutionary product.
    07-05-2010 03:15 AM
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    So you want to know how the iPad helps me in my work, well let me tell you it doesnít just help me it has changed everything....again 

    Letís backtrack a little, when the iPad was announced earlier this year, I was confused, I just did not get it at all, it had nothing to offer me that I did not already have with my iPhone 3GS and Toshiba Windows 7 notebook, how wrong I was.

    I have changed my mind completely; this device is an amazing tool for my job. I work in sales, I visit clients and assist them in the design, selection and pricing of Air Conditioning Equipment, I also regularly contact them with product updates, run through new technologies and legislation and generally keep them informed on the latest news from the industry, my briefcase is stuffed with leaflets, brochures and price lists, all a bit worn with turned up corners and coffee cup stains, you know how it is, not very professional at all.

    Enter the iPad!!!

    Now consider one slim device, slip it in your briefcase and you have every one of those leaflets, brochures and prices lists literally at your finger tips in perfect condition, on top of that you can have instant on access to every presentation and technical manual you have and an easy search to find them in seconds, itís pure genius and has changed the way I do business, customers love the iPad, I should be on commission for Apple, everyone I have showed it too loves it and wants one, itís a great tool for business without a doubt.

    The applications that I get the most use from are Goodreader, itís so elegant and easy to use and makes all my pdfís a pleasure to view and letís not forget Penultimate, itís the best freehand note taking application out there which I use with the Pogo Stylus, they have an integrated software algorithm that can detect the difference between writing and pressure from the base of your hand and it works perfectly, it is a great application.

    So thatís my story, my iPad goes with me everywhere, itís only a 16 gig WiFi but with the MiFi I already have, it gives me access to the internet when I need it so I donít need the 3G version.

    07-05-2010 05:09 AM
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    1.) I'm an associate Test Engineer on contract at KLA-Tencor in San Jose.

    2.) KLA is one of those companies that actually *use* technology, so getting my iPad on the network was childsplay. During a typical evening I'll use my iPad to look up procedeures using GoodReader, access my company email and calendar, and use Citrix to log into a virtual Windows Desktop or the production checklist application.

    3.) The ability to wirelessly upload documents to my iPad through Goodreader has been invaluable.

    4.) Top 5 must have apps:

    07-06-2010 01:14 AM
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    1. I am a Manager, Operations Programs Support for the Oklahoma District of the US Postal Service. Bascially, I manage programs and policies that deal with delivery, mail processing in post offices, and retail window units. I refer to myself jokingly as scapegoat for whatever goes wrong.
    2. I use my 64 3g ipad for note taking, task management, delivery unit reviews, and background music at work. I haven't written on paper for several weeks except to sign things. Anything that would normally go on paper goes into the ipad including scanned pdf files, word documents, excel files, etc. I am not able to access my work email on the device due to firewall issues but I forward stuff to my personal email address when necessary. I also export my outlook calendar and import into google calendar that syncs with the ipad. When I do a delivery unit review, I have checklists in Numbers that I use, then save to Iwork, or email as a pdf file to the unit manager that I am reviewing. This works very well and includes any notes I took during the review. File management on the ipad needs additional work but is getting better. Cloud sites like Dropbox, Boxnet, Google Docs, are not accessible from my work computer but are on the 3g ipad.
    3. I take meeting notes and tag them with the subject for easy access later if needed. I used to have to complete reviews on paper, then enter in excel later to compute the overall score, and send the final version to the unit manager. Now I have the score on site, can send the file to the manager, then sit down and discuss the results.
    4. My favorite app has to be Todo for task management, it's simple to use yet complex enough for project management and syncs with the web and my iphone. I have tried several note taking apps but am currently using Note Taker both with my finger, and a Pogo stylus sometimes. I use Evernote quite a bit, the built in Calendar, and email. I have Documents to Go, Quick Office, and Numbers but find myself using numbers more than any of them.
    I have my ipad in an Incipio Feather shell that is very thin, yet gives it some protection and carry it in a Waterfield case that has a compartment on back for just a few items. I also recently purchased the device that has leather corners with the neoprene straps so you can slide your hand under it as you walk around with the ipad in delivery unit. It fits right over the Incipio case and I take it off when not needed.

    Overall I'm very pleased with my current Ipad set up and it serves me very well at work. When I first got it, I almost sold it since it did just seem like a big Ipod Touch but am glad I stuck with it and found some useful apps for work.
    07-10-2010 01:07 PM
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    I'm a learning technology consultant (with the final manuscript for a book on mobile learning due this week!), so I push my technology quite hard to make me effective. When the iPad was announced, I didn't intend to get one (I'm very careful to not spend money without clearly knowing what I will get out of it), but I had mine 7 minutes after the store opened on the day it was launched. In between, I figured out how this device would make my life better.

    I haven't taken a laptop on a trip since. At client sites, I take notes, sketch or share diagrams, and review previously circulated documents. At conferences I present, tweet session comments, mindmap keynotes (and post them on my blog). When traveling in general I keep up with email, write proposals or results, create new diagrams capturing thoughts, and relax with movies or books. I distribute tasks between my phone (navigation, hooking up with colleague, and emergency email access) and the iPad (when I'm near WiFi, which is most of the time).

    They're the same tasks I performed before, but I've the much lighter platform, longer battery, and more personal experience. It's nice to take a short version on the iPad as a quick thought capture/reflection tool, to share immediately or polish later at home. The new opportunity is sketching, done digitally for quick sharing and later polishing.

    My key apps (besides the core apps like Calendar and Mail etc) are the iWork Suite (Pages and Keynote in particular), OmniGraffle, GoodReader, Evernote, and TweetDeck. WordPress and Adobe Ideas come quickly thereafter.
    07-11-2010 01:53 PM
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    .pdf's are awesome on it so I use it for small business presentations. Some people I work with thought that with a small firm like us that it would seem slightly amateur, but giving a small presentation to 3-4 individuals is great with the iPad. The screen is just so beautiful, and big enough to show to a small crowd. In terms of a business looking case, I just ordered a Caveman iPortfolio and it looks really nice. Not much distraction around the iPad, just a really nice black velvet interior. If you're in business and want to travel appropriately check out the iPortfolio at cavemancase .com
    07-12-2010 09:27 AM
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    I am the AV coordinator for a school district. My tasks include things like video editing and equipment repair, but the bulk of time is spend managing and running the theatre.

    Of course I use my iPad for the usual synching with our exchange server. I use Safari to log into our help desk to check requests people have submitted to the AV dept. Things is a must on my iPad. It is in sync with Things on my iPhone and MacBook Pro. Everything from daily todo's to major events taking place in the theater are organized in/with Things. When a new help ticket comes into my email inbox, it goes straight into Things.

    In our main theater, we have an ETC Ion lighting console that can be remotely controlled from the iPad with the iRFR app. Simply turing lights on or off while on the catwalk, or sitting in the audience or fully controlling the moving lights are done from the iPad. When students are running the board, I can monitor the cue list from my iPad as a show is going on, even taking notes on individual cues.

    The main sound mixing board can be accessed via VNC and controlled from anywhere in the theater. Instead of mixing the sound from the back of the hall, I can be sitting where the audience will be, or various places throughout the hall.

    Simple Note is used for all note taking in meetings and anytime I need to jot down some info such as part numbers, if I am working on a repair.

    In my office, my iPad is on my desk in a Griffin Loop stand, ready to be used as an additional monitor with Air Display.

    Since i got my iPad, my MacBook Pro has seldom left my desk, when I used to carry it across campus everyday.
    07-14-2010 12:41 PM
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    I am a freelance writer and business marketer.
    I take my ipad along wherever I go, before I sit down to work, I will check it to see what to do on my schedule. With ipad on me, I can know about the latest news and trends around the world, including technology innovation, latest political news and even timely weather condition.
    The most common features and apps I use include ToDo, GoodReader, Note Pad and Netflix, which are truly awesome.
    07-19-2010 03:15 AM
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    I'm an IT Administrator for a local Church in San Jose, CA. Being an IT administrator for a church, the job is quite wide with my responsibilities. I manage the computers, network & servers, as well as fix problems when they arise, and do A/V tech here and there.

    Before the iPad, I was always having to ask people to move so I could use Remote Desktop on their systems to remote in and look at settings on the servers to figure out what the problem is. Now with the iPad, I keep the servers in Mocha RDP's app for quick access to the servers, or to my Desktop when I'm away from my desk. the iPad works for about 80% of what I need when I'm working on a system, but for that other 20%, having my Windows 7 Desktop so easily accessible is a Godsend. Other than servers, with everything I have to do, I use Calendar to sync with our Exchange server so that I have one central calendar for managing my time effectively & Evernote for syncing my notes from meetings & projects across my Desktop, iPhone & iPad. I use Mail to keep up-to-date with my e-mail inbox to keep in communication with co-workers & vendors. I constantly use Safari to look up information on errors people have, without having to move them out of the way to use their browser to perform the same task.

    With the Tech side of things, I use my iTeleport to control our sound system so that I can mix practice sitting in the middle of the room and setup snapshots which allows me to set starting points for my mix from what it sounded like in the middle of the room. I must admit that though iTeleport is an expensive app, the fact that I bought it a year ago for my iPhone & they made it a universal binary which worked on my iPad made me very happy, as iTeleport was the only VNC app I could find which would let me control our sliders. Not only did it work, but unlike most remote connection apps, iTeleport works like a giant trackpad overlaid on top of the screen, so mousing is a lot easier than trying to hunt & peck. When I'm prepping to run a show, I use Planning Center Online's app to show me the order of service for the weekend, or to play songs for the band that need to hear what the MP3 sounded like. When I'm running our video production booth, I use BroadcastPix's iPixiPad to remotely activate pre-programmed presets on the board, which is wonderful since I can always have the memories close at hand even if I'm using the hardware board for something else (like camera control)

    Overall, I bought the iPad hoping I could use it all day to remote into the servers, and maybe to control the soundboard. In fact what I found was so much more. It's totally revolutionized how I do my job - more so than my iPhone - just because of it's larger screen. I would highly recommend the iPad for any systems administrators who constantly have to wander yet still have access to the servers.

    My Essential Apps:

    Mocha RDP
    iTeleport (VNC)
    07-21-2010 01:47 AM
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    08-09-2010 10:46 AM
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    In the blogging world, you know how hard it can get to manage, write posts, and take heat about questionable work at times, when you just can't stay awake anymore. Everyone at TiPb knows waht it's like and that's exactly when the iPad comes to the rescue. On a long, tiring night, the last thing I want to do is write posts, research and gather information, so the iPad comes to great use on the commute home.

    The Wordpress app helps you write posts and manage them properly from the bus (you know when the spam comments begin to get out of control). The notes app on iPad, alongside it's almost full sized keyboard, helps me keep my thoughts organized in a clear and coherent manner and during this time, cut copy and paste also helps a lot. The Weather Channel app helps me know whether a trip to the office will require an umbrella. Phone helps me talk to editors and the Boss Man. Lastly, the Calendar on iPhone helps me plan out my next long day in the blogging world. For those days when work is a little on the light side, Flipboard is a great way to sit down and catch up on interesting news and anecdotes.

    Blogging can get very hard at times, but the iPad relieves a lot of the stress, a lot more than when I used to attempt to use the mobile internet on my Razr to do the work. iPad is a lifesaver through it's great applications and large screen size.
    08-09-2010 04:55 PM
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    I am a driving instructor, I was happy with my paper based diary but my laptop was a nightmare, to be honest my laptop is great but my other half commandeered my laptop and I was left
    With his 4 year old toshiba! So he offered to buy me a new laptop or netbook, great!!! Pc world here we come . I end up paying for an iPad )

    I love it, I can do my diary, my accounts, check weather, check email, check Facebook, it's just fantastic and I can use apps to help with theory and hazard
    Perception Expensive toy, but such a great business tool
    08-13-2010 04:39 PM
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    I use my iPad for sidewalk astronomy in Central Park, New York City.

    I have 24 apps I use to help me navigate the sky and pull up data about the objects we are seeing. When we get questions we can't answer 3G is there so I can Google for the answer. Before going out I try to look up what satellites we might be seeing and when I forget 3G is there again to bail me out.
    We found over the weekend that one of my apps depicts more stars than the same app does on the iPhone so the big screen is an advantage there as it is when trying to share graphics with the public. Since none of the apps are perfect I still have to carry my Palm T3 with me but I am using it less since I have the iPad. And with 10 hours of battery I usually don't have to worry if it has been charged during the day.

    My top apps include Safari, iCal, planetarium programs (Sky Voyager, Star Walk, Sky Orb 3D, Go Sky Watch, Distant Suns, Stars), Lunar atlases (Moon Atlas, Moon Globe, Moon Map Lite), iEphemeris Lite, Emerald Observatory (because ie is beautiful), solar programs (SOHO, 3D Sun), weather programs (iCSC, WeatherBug, Wundermap), Magnet Meter (to find satellites), planet programs (Planet Facts, Planets), Asteroid Alert, reference documents (Evernote, Notes, Numbers, DocsToGo) and for documenting my observations for<I>.


    Fat-fingered from my iPad, please excuse thumbos.

    A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.
    Welsh proverb
    08-16-2010 02:48 AM
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    City Construction Specialist:

    Yeah, you would never guess that a construction guy would be rocking something so fragile but its a must in my daily life. First of all, I had to put a shell case on it, screen protector, and leather folio style case in order to feel safe enough to use it daily. Very glad that I have this though I must say. There are forms on top of forms that I have to keep with me, fill out, and with Docs To Go and Pages this is no problem. Need to pull up an enormous .pdf? Not a problem! Also, I have a book of housing codes and specs that I am always in need of. But with a few simple steps I turned them into a .pdf version and now I can carry them everywhere in this very slimline package. I am also always in and out of email messages and receiving new appointments and having to make new appointments in the field and with the iPad, this is very very simple and convenient. I love this product and do not in any way miss my clunky laptop. I just pray everyday that I dont drop it or mutilate it in any way. Good job apple!
    08-18-2010 12:56 PM
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    I am a lawyer and am in court with numerous cases every day.

    My documents are scanned and loaded on my desk top office computer. Documents are produced in both Word and WordPerfect formats.

    Necessary iPad apps are Office HD, WPD viewer, Logmein, Printcentral.

    I no longer need to carry a briefcase full of files to court. I simply remote connect to my office desktop. I can give instructions to my secretary, view files, edit documents, send immediate confirmation emails to clients, all from my ipad, from the courthouse.
    08-22-2010 08:04 AM
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    Well, I actually started a trend at my Sales Agency,

    I received my iPad from my wife as an anniversary present right when they came out. I use safari, and iBooks mostly for work and of course email but here is how revolutionary this has been.

    I work for a sales Agency based out of Tampa, FL. We cover Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. I was on a trip to a convention right after I received my iPad and decided to see if I could live without my Macbook for over a week.
    Guess what not only did I survive, I found the iPad worked better when working with clients. We represent several Lighting Manufacturers, and a Art Line. We work with interior designers, and showrooms alike.

    I started with the Art Line as they company has so many products I could not fit them in a binder, or 4 for that matter. I was lugging around a 50 lb. crate with wheels to show the line and it occurred to me that there has to be a better way I used drop box for awhile until Apple introduced the pdf support to iBooks. I created a single PDF with bookmarks and contents pages. And I can tell you from the start taking it into clients got a much better reception. I was able to get them to look through the whole collection not just the newer stuff, I have made multiple sales with this Art line and my ipad. I then started wondering why couldn't I make the rest of our lines work this way. I got a lot of interest from my boss when I showed him the advantages and the fact that not only could we show the lines and price things out via PDF files from ibooks we could hold meetings via gotomeeting and access all the information we used to have to carry 8 catalogs 8 price sheets and of course the 50 lb. crate I mentioned earlier. After this about 2 weeks later I became the IT guy for our agency and the rest of the sales team received iPads.

    With a better battery life span than any of our laptops could manage and the accessibility to the internet the email and the catalogs and price sheets right at our finger tips the possibilities for the iPad in our sales agency is endless.

    We are working with one manufacturer to include barcodes next to each item in the catalog view in iBooks so we can scan the items the customer wants directly to a Purchase Order to stream line the whole event or if someone here has the knowledge to make the catalog an order form like you tap each item you want for each quantity you want and have it added to a order form automatically please contact me.
    08-25-2010 01:39 PM
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    Photo Tech:

    I work at our local walgreens in the photo department and I use my ipad almost everyday to clear off memory cards.

    We have a camera in the lab to take pictures for passport photos and of course our camera doesn't have the delete all function so I just pop the card into my camera kit and hit delete all. I also do this for the customers.

    When people used to come in and order their photos some of them would ask "How do I clear off my card?"

    The conversation continued with me asking what kind of computer they were running if they had one and explained how to clear it off if they didn't have the delete all option on their camera.

    Now I can just say "Would you like me to do it for you?"

    I take the card behind the counter and clear it off. I have people tell me how helpful this has been to them and they like that it is an option available to them, at least when I am there.

    I remember when I showed this to my boss the first time and he said "Thats a great idea Kate!" So now I really never am without my ipad....Not to mention its great on my lunch break to either watch podcasts or read a book.
    08-30-2010 12:30 AM
  20. Trodecke's Avatar
    Small group leader, Sunday school teacher.

    I lead a small group in the church I go to. The book that we used this past session was not available locally or online. It was available as an electronic download from Amazon. I didn't have a Kindle viewer so I was using the Kindle app on my laptop. I was concerned about actually lugging the laptop back and forth to the meetings when I started looking at the iPad. The more I worked\played with it in the store, the more ideas I got for how I could use it. Not only could I get the Kindle app on it and have the book available that way, I could make all the notes I needed for the session on it and have those with me as well. Prior to getting the iPad I printed all my notes out and keeping them organized after 13 weeks of teaching was not easy. To make things even better, there are lots of Bible apps available as well. Now when I go to the small group sessions instead of bringing DVDs, books, notes, and a Bible I just bring my iPad. It makes it so easy and convenient to actually have my notes from previous lessons just a touch away and to have the scriptures I need for the lesson already bookmarked for easy access. The setup has worked so well that I'll be using my iPad in the Sunday school class I'll be teaching this session as well.

    Between the Kindle app, the YouVersion bible, and the built-in notes app, I've got all the bases covered and I've never been more organized or prepared.
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    08-30-2010 11:35 PM
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    I am working on my 10 posts so when I publish how we use iPhones the links to the screenshots will be permitted. Stay tuned.
    09-25-2010 06:04 PM
  22. Exechobo's Avatar
    I am the "CIO" of a small Time Study consulting firm. (NOT a small-time consulting firm!) My boss, known as "The Man", and the other 50% of our firm, constantly challenges my suggestions for costly technological upgrades. After moving to iPhones though, I am the god of tech.

    We use the normal iPhone/anyphone suite of phone, email, calendar. These all work as the communicating, scheduling appliances they are. Unless you want to invite people to a meeting. Steve! This oversight makes me need to access my PBP more than I wish.

    Then there are the tools that help us figure out whether we are heading back to the hotel or deep into Iowa. Getting around on location requires maps. Without good navigation, getting around new territories can challenge our professional relationship. Navigation tools like Around Me, and GPS Drive, which I have reviewed separately, make finding our way and good meals child's play. Trust me, we use these apps to positive effect.

    On jobsites we use chat clients like Beejive and Ebuddy on our iPhones to keep a chat going when radios don't make sense. This channel of communication is ideal for our work, where discretion is important.

    When doing time studies we have to count the number of times a process occurs, or number of customers, or items. A counter is more efficacious than hash marks.

    Of course a stop watch is necessary and the iPhone version is easy to see.

    During a study I want to be reminded when certain time periods pass so my work is grouped in segments. The timer does a good job at this.

    An additional tool the iPhone provides is the use of Excel spreadsheets to keep my expense tracking up to date daily, so invoicing clients is never a hassle at the end of the engagement. Less hassle means faster reimbursement, means the CFO, my boss, is happier.

    Receipts (yes, every stinkin' one, even for that morning macchiato), are sent along with the invoice as a .pdf because I use the camera and a nice app called GeniusScan. It is effective for cropping pictures of text like receipts, enhancing photos of them so they are clear, and converting them to .pdf format. We used to go to town and make copies, then send the copies registered mail. Yech!

    All this is helpful. One negative issue is the battery drain. I think the running timer and having the display always on is sucking enough juice that my battery needs a little pick-me-up at cocktail time to make it through the evening.

    I really look forward to the day when Excel runs on iPad so I can input directly into data bases and skip the use of notebooks. I may give Numbers a try for this, but the utter lack of compatibility has me frustrated.
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    09-25-2010 07:20 PM
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