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    Is there any documentation that says the iPad wifi only version will not work for free at the At&t hotspot locations, ie. Starbucks?
    Even if I have the 3G iPad, but do not have the service activated, how will the hotspot know it is an iPad. I know I can walk into a Sbux with my iPhone, and it automatically connects to the wifi.
    03-21-2010 02:00 AM
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    I do not drink coffee, so I don't know how the wi-fi works at Starbucks. However, to my knowledge, you must have AT&T service to get access to their wi-fi hot spots. The reason your iPhone picks up the wi-fi right away when you go into Starbucks is because you have a phone/data service plan already in place for your iPhone with AT&T. The use of AT&T wi-fi hot spots is included in your plan. In order to use the hot spots with your iPad, you'll need to have the 3G service active (either 250MB or unlimited). Wi-fi is typically faster than 3G, so that would be the benefit of using the hot spot. Battery drain is also reduced when using wi-fi versus 3G.

    Oh, and here is the documentation/verbiage from their website AT&T Wi-Fi

    "AT&T Wi-Fi Basic service is included for the following AT&T customers:

    High Speed Internet Customers:
    Customers with AT&T High Speed Internet, AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet, or AT&T FastAccess® DSL—all speed plans included. No ordering required! Simply use your primary AT&T high-speed Internet membership ID and password at any AT&T Wi-Fi Basic Hot Spot. Learn more at DSL Providers - AT&T High Speed Internet Access - Broadband Internet - Residential

    AT&T Wireless Customers:
    Smartphone customers with selected AT&T Wireless Devices and 3G data rate plans including the Smartphone $30 or higher rate plans (excludes Smartphone Enterprise 4MB plans). Qualifying Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone are listed at AT&T Wi-Fi on Windows Mobile® Smartphones | AT&T wireless services

    All Apple iPhone customers include AT&T Wi-Fi Basic service.

    AT&T BlackBerry customers with a $30 or higher BlackBerry rate plans (excludes BlackBerry Enterprise 4MB plans (Requires a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry.) Additional restrictions apply. Learn more at: Cell Phone Plans and cellular service - Wireless from AT&T

    AT&T LaptopConnect Customers:
    LaptopConnect customers with DataConnect service plans of $59.99 per month or higher. Learn more at: Get Started - Wireless from AT&T

    Additional restrictions apply. Subject to applicable AT&T Wi-Fi Basic terms and conditions. See AT&T - AT&T Wi-Fi(SM) for further details.

    Note: International Wi-Fi access through AT&T Wi-Fi roaming partners is not include with the above devices and rate plans. See AT&T Wi-Fi for more information."
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