1. Imjrb3's Avatar
    If even half the leaks and rumors are true at this point about the iPad/iTablet, does anyone else wonder if you NEED both the iPhone and the iPad?

    We won't know for sure-obviously- until next week but I could see getting an iPad and switching my smarthphone to something less fancy and more bare bones functional (BB 9700?).

    Should be interesting.
    01-22-2010 07:53 AM
  2. mth785's Avatar
    No matter what they introduce I will be sticking with just the iPhone.
    01-22-2010 08:40 AM
  3. cre8tivspirit's Avatar
    If the talks with with at&t and Verizon mean that the iTablet(?) will be marketed like the netbooks, i.e. providing 3G connectivity w/wifi, I'd consider a basic phone and using the iTablet(?) with a data plan.
    01-22-2010 01:20 PM
  4. thinkTwice's Avatar
    It all depends on the monthly fee and how much it is. I hate paying 2x for internet, so my iPhone is my primary means of connecting to the internet, with my apt and starbucks free wifi when needed to connect using a pc.
    01-23-2010 10:25 AM
  5. BLu's Avatar
    iMac at home, iPhone in my pocket. Done.
    01-23-2010 11:03 AM
  6. iamfudge's Avatar
    If the talks with with at&t and Verizon mean that the iTablet(?) will be marketed like the netbooks, i.e. providing 3G connectivity w/wifi, I'd consider a basic phone and using the iTablet(?) with a data plan.
    My thoughts exactly. Unlocking my 3GS and putting that sucker up on Ebay!
    01-25-2010 10:22 PM
  7. charliej66's Avatar
    iPhone for sure. The iPad is very cool, but there's no way I'm going to carry that big thing and a phone around with me all the time.
    01-28-2010 09:28 AM
  8. Imjrb3's Avatar
    And now a week later, Apple answered my question for me. As currently designed, I can't imagine replacing my iPhone with the iPad. I'll wait and see what they have in store with iPhone 4.0.

    I can only hope that the iPad 1.0 is just setting the table for future-more capable- versions. There's a market for this type of this device. Just not this SPECIFIC device (for me). Add a front-facing camera, some level of multi-tasking and cloud-based iTunes and I'm IN.
    01-28-2010 09:39 AM
  9. jakej914's Avatar
    One of my biggest gripes about my iPhone 3GS is that I can't see all my events for the day very easily. It sounds stupid, but it really makes it difficult to schedule. When I saw that huge Calendar app, I was in love. Haha. And what's great about the iPad, is that I'd be able to easily slip it out, not have to worry about dragging out my 15" MBP, and it's an instant-on kinda thing. Other than that, I'm still confused as to why there is no multitasking--something Apple has always been all about (i.e. apps continue running on a laptop after you close the window; instead you must quit the app). AND, with that iBooks app, why the hell is there not a way to take notes?! That's just dumb on their part, especially if they wanna see textbooks in the BookStore, or whatever they're calling it. If I have the dough, I'll make the purchase for some key features and portability. But I'll always have my iPhone to slip in my pocket.
    01-28-2010 09:43 AM
  10. impaler's Avatar
    I'm really torn right now. I think the iPad is cool--and on the one hand, I WANT one...but I know me, and I'll want the top of the line. So over $800 for the device, then $30/month just to cart it around? My MacBook is just fine. I just don't know...
    01-28-2010 09:47 AM
  11. hermdog's Avatar
    I don't think it's a question of iPad or iPhone. The iPad is not meant to replace your iPhone. For me two places I think the iPad would be nice to use instead of a laptop or iPhone would be on your couch or in bed.
    01-28-2010 10:30 AM
  12. SaberSerene's Avatar
    I want to get an iPad because you don't need a contract, you can have 3G for $15 a month with 250 mb which is more then enough. When I get home I can just turn on wifi : ) plus I can save a lot more money a month. Sell my 3GS and get a regular cell phone. The iPad doesn't sound like a bad thing to get at all. I can save money and hold the internet in my hands.
    01-28-2010 10:45 AM
  13. polybeerist's Avatar
    I found the announcement a little lackluster.

    I would really like to get my hands on one before making a decision. I had been hoping for something closer to a laptop replacement. The lack of a USB port kills that for me. I constantly use a USB drive to transfer files.

    Trading my iPhone in for a cheap voice plan and and iPad could work, but I really love the portability of the iPhone for travel. Particularly when I'm in a new city and using it for navigation. I'd have to have a small bag to carry the iPad, as it's not as portable.
    01-28-2010 11:16 AM
  14. AMVMommy's Avatar
    I just don't see an overwhelming NEED for a bigger, more expensive iPhone. A couple of things were nice - iBooks, weekly calendar view, and some fun photo tricks - but nothing worth the money. I'll hang onto my iPhone and laptop until is gets better.
    01-28-2010 11:17 AM
  15. Lady Kaede's Avatar
    Well, I have an iPhone. Why would I need an iPad? It can't replace the phone cuz it's not a phone. But when I replace my laptop, could I replace it with an iPad? Hmm, yah, maybe. Once it ships & iPhone OS 4.0 is released I'll be able to tell for sure.
    01-28-2010 11:21 AM
  16. McIPhone's Avatar
    They need to let iPhone users piggy back the iPad off the iPhone data plan. Yeah, like that is going to happen!
    01-28-2010 11:34 AM
  17. Lady Kaede's Avatar
    No, "they" need to champion free public wi-fi everywhere.
    01-28-2010 11:37 AM
  18. Naughty_Ottsel's Avatar
    I would have both tbh, I can remember a leak saying that Apple were going for a family styled device which kinda makes sense from the video on the website, however practicalities like Facebook and twitter clients could be a problem, but I could see it used as a family device in the sense that when its not in use it is a digital photo frame, connected to a dock, when it is in use you can quickly browse the internet, put it back and be off. It would also work quite well like the O2 jongler (sp) in that you can update the calendar with important meetings/events whilst this is still manual I find it nice and simple on my iPhone and the iPad won't be much different. Also I don't know if we are the only family to do this but when we have visitors 90% of the time we get asked a question which we are unsure of the answer and so get out a laptop or run the main computer in a separate room to check the answer and this takes forever, with the iPad it is as simple as picking it up, unlocking, opening safari and checking rather than waiting for the laptop to boot up then check and you are still with visitors whilst you do this.

    I think Apple haven't really sold the possibilities of this too well and are saying, its better than a netbook, just if you are a windows user, you won't know what the hell to do when it comes to doing work on it.

    The iPad doesn't have to be replacement it can be complimentative.
    01-28-2010 12:52 PM
  19. FOHdave's Avatar
    They need to let iPhone users piggy back the iPad off the iPhone data plan. Yeah, like that is going to happen!
    My sentiments exactly. I'm not paying for two data plans.

    I can see where the iPad could take off in vertical markets like restaurants, hospitals, and other places. Apple could own some vertical markets with specialized apps.
    01-28-2010 02:04 PM
  20. hanguk9117's Avatar
    The keynote revealing of the iPad was just a taste of what's to come. I don't think its a matter of iPad or iPhone...but should be iPad & iPhone. The applications is what made the iPhone so successful and is what began the smartphone revolution. Applications made the iPhone *limitless*. People are saying that the iPad is just a giant iTouch but I think they’re missing the point. What the iTouch and iPhone cannot do…due to limitation of screen size / processor power, the iPad will be able to with ease. Developers will be able to create applications for the iPad that they couldn’t on the iPhone due to its limitations. In the keynote, the *New York Times* application on the iPad was amazing. They couldn’t create that for the iPhone and have the same effect due to the tiny screen size. Imagine what other developers can create?

    The fact that you can transfer all the apps on your iPhone onto your iPad makes them compatible. Imagine using an application on your iphone when you’re on the go…then when you get a chance to sit down somewhere, you can transfer it right over to your iPad and have more screen real estate to work on. Apple didn’t go over how the iPhone and iPad will work with each other, but considering they both use a similar OS, I see that becoming a reality in the future, make this scenario an *iPad & iPhone* instead of *iPad OR iPhone*.
    01-28-2010 02:13 PM
  21. Oopbuddha's Avatar
    The iPad could prove very useful to me. I drive around all day servicing air conditioners and heaters. If I could take this around with and have access to the internet and be able to bill customers right there on the spot, that would be great. I have toyed around with using my iphone for this, but the increased screen size and the ability to use Iwork on this would seal the deal for me.
    01-28-2010 06:45 PM
  22. capoeira4u's Avatar
    iPhone owners aren't going to switch to iPad, but iPod Touch users will. We do things on our iPhone all day long b/c it's in our pocket. If during the day your iPhone has new saved data such as game, note, voice memo, photo, etc., how are you going to continue working/playing once you get home to your iPad? I mentioned in my other thread that unless there was a way to sync these data onto the iPad quickly, there's no way to continue doing our activities on the iPad.
    01-28-2010 10:35 PM
  23. PixelStickGames's Avatar
    Consumers are going mobile and will continue to do so as time progresses. I understand wanting to expand a nearly non-existent market, but I just don't think people will eat it up like Apple is anticipating.
    01-29-2010 04:12 PM
  24. Fretboard's Avatar
    Even though it's more or less an oversized iPhone, it's still a neat little toy.

    Check it out:

    iPad News, Buy Apple iPad, Apple iTablet - www.ipadlot.com
    01-30-2010 12:05 AM
  25. davidlw's Avatar
    As a road salesman, the iPad would be much easier to lug around vs a notebook etc.
    01-31-2010 06:50 PM
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