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    Hey guys and ladies I got a Surface Pro 4 (I5 Core/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage) with the type cover for my birthday 4 months ago in February and I really haven't used it as much as I thought I would.

    I have only used the Pro 4 about 20 times in the last 4 months and at the moment it is just sitting on my table haven't used it in just over 3 weeks ago.

    To be honest compared to my iPad Air 2 I don't really enjoy using the Surface Pro 4 especially as a tablet not that much, It is too heavy to use as a tablet you have to use it with 2 hands all the time and the Windows 10 OS is definitely not touch friendly and the apps/games from the App Store are garbage and crap! ☹️

    And the main reason that I got the Surface Pro 4 is to play the my all time favourite classic old games like the The Simpsons Hit & Run and the Incredibles, Games like that but I still haven't got the games yet and I am not to sure if those games will even run properly on Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 or not but I might still get those games soon tho and also if I was still doing video editing(making YouTube videos) I would be using my Surface Pro 4 for that but I not at the moment but in the future I might start making YouTube videos again just not too sure...

    And I have only used my Surface Pro 4 for watching videos, playing mobile games(that you get on IOS/Android), web browsing and and set it but for those things I would rather use my iPad Air 2 but I think I need my Surface Pro 4 for transferring videos to my iPad Air 2 using iTunes and backing up my photos and videos from my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 to the Surface Pro 4 but I am not too sure if I could do that on a iPad, Hopefully I be able to do those 2 things on IOS 11 with the new files manager/explorer app.

    The times I haven't used my Surface Pro 4, I have been using my really fantastic and awesome iPad Air 2 but I think if I did not have an iPad, I would of definitely used my Surface Pro 4 a lot more then I am now.

    I so much more prefer and love using my iPad Air 2 because the tablet experience is definitely way more better and more enjoyable then a Surface Pro 4 because of touch friendly mobile OS IOS and the software the apps/games from the App Store are definitely sooo much more touch friendly and are just way more polished and high quality compared to the Surface Pro as the Windows software is basically designed for the mouse and keyboard from the ground up and the iPad Air 2 is so much more lighter and portable and you can use it in one hand as well. ������������

    But you would think that coming from a heavy and powerful 11.6 inch Acer Windows tablet(I5 core) from 5 years ago(which I still have) that I would use my Surface Pro 4 more then ever well unfortunately that is not the case but if I was to compare my old 11.6 inch Acer Windows 8 tablet to my Surface Pro 4, The Surface Pro 4 definitely wins and much more better in every single category(power, screen, battery life, weight, etc).

    So I am thinking of selling my barely used Surface Pro 4(I5 Core/8GB of RAM/256GB of storage) with the type cover to my Mom and get myself a new iPad Pro 10.5 256GB Space Grey despite my iPad Air 2 running very well and haven't experienced any slow downs so far yet.

    And if I get the new iPad Pro 10.5 I know I definitely will use the new iPad Pro 10.5 a lot more because it will be replacing my Space Grey 64GB iPad Air 2 which I have had for nearly 2 years now and will still be keeping the Air 2 as a backup if the Pro 10.5 breaks or stops working.

    I am interested in getting the new iPad Pro 10.5 256GB Space Grey as I think it will be a big upgrade from my iPad Air 2 64GB Space Grey because of how powerful it is and the bigger screen, the quad speakers set up and the better display and that legendary 10 hour battery life and IOS 11(when it comes out in the fall) and all that awesome new features. ������������

    I know upgrading from an Air 2 to a new iPad Pro 10.5 it is not a massive upgrade but a least it will definitely be more of a upgrade compared to the last years iPad Pro 9.7.

    And after selling my Surface Pro 4 and if I do start making YouTube videos in the future, I will most probably be able to do everything I need to do making my videos by using a very good pro video editor like Pinnacle Studio, LumaFusion, etc on the new iPad Pro 10.5.

    I only use a iPad Air 2 as my main and primary computer and use it for things like web browsing, playing mobile games, watching videos, etc and my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 is for when I am out of the house and use it at places like college, on the bus, waiting for the doctors, etc and I don't have any laptops/desktops and I have just a few old tablets that I have used from over the years but set it.

    And I bought my Surface Pro 4 with my own money and at the moment I have pretty much wasted my money but I will get my money back after selling my Surface Pro 4 to my Mom and use that money to get myself a new iPad Pro 10.5 inch.

    And I think the new iPad Pro 10.5 will be perfect for me just like my iPad Air 2 did(and still is) but the new iPad Pro 10.5 will definitely be even more perfect and better then my iPad Air 2 and of course the barely used Surface Pro 4(which I most probably/likely be selling).

    Yeah I need some help/advice everyone. Should I sell my barely used Surface Pro 4 and get the new iPad Pro 10.5?? Or should I keep the Surface Pro 4 and try to get my all time favourite old classic games(The Simpsons Hit & Run and the Incredibles, etc) and try to play them?? If you was in my shoes what would you do?? ������������

    Typed all this thread by using the on screen keyboard on my iPad Air 2 haha!!
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    I’m going to assume you couldn’t play those old style classic games on your iPad Air 2, and thus the reason you purchased the Surface Pro 4. If you can play those same games on the iPad Air 2 then you know darn well that you wasted your money by getting the Surface Pro 4, and therefore, unless you simply want to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, you really don’t need the iPad Pro 10.5”. Should you sell the Surface Pro 4? Only you can answer that question.
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    06-25-2017 10:43 AM
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    If you purchased the SP4 to play games, you got the wrong device. Its a computer for doing serious work.
    I don't know enough about iPads yet, but I am going to guess there is one that will fit your needs better than the SP4. I'm sure others will chime in and stear you in the right direction. Good luck!

    Sent from mTalk on my SP4
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    OK, first of all, put down the coffee.

    I don't think I have ever heard of anyone buying a SP4 to play games. Clearly that is not what it was designed for. Also, I can't imagine anyone with an iPad thinking that getting a Windows tablet is a good move. I have a couple Windows 8.1 tablets, bought long before I got my first iPad. They are OK, but nowhere near even a Mini 4 as far as functionality and available apps. Windows 10 is no prize either, having removed LOADS of tablet-centric stuff that 8.1 had. That's why I did not install 10 on my 8.1 tablets.

    The main problem with Windows tablets is, well, Windows. It is not a mobile, lightweight OS. While they are sold with the promise of "running existing Windows apps", that turns out to be very problematic. Yes, they might actually run, but they are extremely difficult to use on a touch screen, since none were designed for a touch screen. The Microsoft App Store is a joke compared to Apple's.

    But I digress. To answer your question, yes absolutely sell the SP4 and get an iPad Pro. The 10.5" version is just very slightly larger than an air 2, but is a MUCH nicer tablet. Better screen, faster, more memory, better speakers, better cameras, everything. I know because I have an Air 2 and 10.5" pro. The iPad Pro will also likely run circles around the SP4, since the SP4 needs all of that hardware just to run Windows decently.
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    06-25-2017 03:24 PM
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    iPad 10.5 is a significant upgrade to iPad Air 2. In fact I own the original 12.9 and the 10.5 flies compared to it. I am going to sell the 12.9 to try and make up for some of the money spent on the 10.5. I love this thing!!!
    06-26-2017 10:06 AM
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    There may not be a way to directly backup the S6 to the iPad using something like Smart Switch as that app is only for Windows or MacOS, unless Samsung recently released an iOS app version.
    06-27-2017 06:15 AM
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    Quite the long post just to get the opinions of some people you don't know, and who don't know you.
    06-27-2017 09:50 AM
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    I own a 10.5" iPad Pro and I absolutely love it. The keyboard is nice and the Apple Pencil is a dream (that is if you need to use it). The only time I have to use my laptop now is when I forget to charge my iPad at night. The battery life on it is great. The only thing I don't think you would be able to do on it is play those classic games.
    06-28-2017 10:31 AM
  9. indoctrahol's Avatar
    Looking at your use case, I think an iPad Pro would be good for you. Remember that you have a 14-day return policy at an Apple Store with no restocking fee. Dropping the money to get iPad Pro knowing that you can return it will be a good bet.
    06-28-2017 02:59 PM
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    I haven't used a Surface Pro so can't evaluate it but it certainly sounds like you aren't getting what you wanted out of it and really love your iPad Air. I have the iPad Pro 10.5" and love it! It's fast and smooth with awesome batttery life. I don't think you'd go wrong to switch.
    06-28-2017 06:26 PM
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    Thanks everyone for the awesome advice!

    I have decided that I won't be selling my Surface Pro 4 and will be keeping it because I really want to play some of my all time favourite classic games and so I have now ordered some of my all time favourite classic games The Simpsons Hit & Run and the Incredibles and The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe I haven't played these awesome games for a good 7-10 years ago(this was on the PlayStation 2 back in the day) and ordered a good game controller as well and I really really can't wait to relive some great and awesome memories playing these awesome games on my Surface Pro 4 haha!!

    And you just never know in the future if I will be using my Surface Pro 4 for more things like video/photo editing that is if i do start making YouTube videos again or not in the future or all so I might need my Surface Pro 4 for work one day....

    But I think it is big big shame that these old classic games like The Simpsons Hit & Run and the Incredibles, etc are not on the iPad tho, It would of been definitely awesome to play those games on the iPad.

    And since I am keeping my Surface Pro 4 I will use my current iPad Air 2 for another year before upgrading to the next version and much better iPad Pro 10.5 in 2018, I just don't think the new iPad Pro 10.5 is not that much of a big upgrade to replace my awesome iPad Air 2 at the moment.

    So I am waiting another year to upgrade my iPad Air 2 to the next version and much better iPad Pro 10.5 in 2018 and the iPad Air 2 will be used for casual things like web browsing, watching videos, playing iPad games, listening to music, etc.

    Anyway I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to those wonderful people who have given advice on what to do!!
    07-02-2017 10:42 AM

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