1. MizWylie's Avatar
    I picked up the 10.5" Verizon model yesterday and got bullied into the red faux leather Incipio folio and a Verizon brand screen protector (which is surprisingly nice!) I'm kind of wanting to buy another Otterbox Defender and an Apple Pencil, but I think I'm going to keep the cases to a minimum.

    What are you using this time around? What set ups are ya bringing from your previous iPad?
    06-14-2017 11:32 AM
  2. jimpilot's Avatar
    Still looking for a case I’m happy with. I have a jet case for now. And I picked up the Apple leather Smart Cover but just can’t bring myself to use it without a case on the back. Anyone found a good quality leather case or a back cover that works with Apple Smart Cover ?
    06-14-2017 12:43 PM
  3. Cladster's Avatar
    Just using the Leather Smart Cover, have a Apple keyboard and pencil coming Monday, have a STM bag from my 9.7 and the 10.5 fits in it good.
    06-16-2017 05:40 AM
  4. donnation's Avatar
    Jus the smart keyboard. The larger size is much nicer to type on for me than the smaller version with the 9.7.
    06-16-2017 06:03 AM
  5. MizWylie's Avatar
    I really liked my Speck case on my Air 2 and I'm thinking of returning my Incipio for that one. I kinda miss it.
    06-16-2017 02:33 PM
  6. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Which will be the best portable charger to charge iPad Pro 10.5?
    Any reputable brands should work. I’m a huge fan of Anker PowerCore portable chargers. They’re great for the price. Here’s the one I have, but they’re available in greater and lesser capacities at various prices:

    Anker PowerCore 10000
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    06-25-2017 06:35 AM
  7. MizWylie's Avatar
    I'm still on the hunt for a case with magnetic wake/sleep. It's frustrating that Speck doesn't do it anymore or I'd be back in one of those. I think since my Pro is going to be my long haul tablet I may spring for a Pad & Quill.
    06-25-2017 10:10 AM
  8. Garz's Avatar
    I have the pencil from my first 9.7 pro. But I'll be honest, I never use it. I also have a Smart Cover. That's all I need right there.
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    06-27-2017 12:41 AM
  9. taz323's Avatar
    Picked up a Targus case, for my 9.7. Thinking of picking up the pencil to go with it.
    06-27-2017 01:13 AM
  10. Cladster's Avatar
    Got my pencil today, got a $200 store voucher with my 10.5 pro so used it for the pencil and the Belkin case/holder too, the new note app features with ios11 make the pencil use better, just tap screen to open note app is brilliant, great office tool now so much easier to get to the app.
    Works smoother than with the 9.7 pro.
    07-12-2017 02:38 AM
  11. rdmartin1's Avatar
    I'm not a case guy but I want to keep this thing nice. So I have the leather folio from Pad and Quill on the way. I have my Apple Pencil I purchased last year. I'm looking for a 29w charger. I think I will stop there.
    07-16-2017 01:22 PM
  12. khobia2's Avatar
    As of right now I have a Fintie case. Had an ESR case for my Air 2. Thought I would try something different. Want to get Apple's keyboard case. But don't like that the iPad's back is unprotected. So looking for suggestions on keyboard/case that doesn't cost a fortune. Got to tell you I'm loving this iPad Pro. The screen real estate plus ProMotion is sick. Can't wait for iOS 11 to roll out this fall. Got the 256gb configuration.
    07-17-2017 05:42 PM
  13. khobia2's Avatar
    Oh yes will be picking up an Apple Pencil as well.
    07-17-2017 05:44 PM
  14. itsnotmeitsyou's Avatar
    The best combo I could find currently is the Smart Keyboard + Poetic back cover. I also have the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, but I don't use it as much as I should.
    07-17-2017 09:29 PM
  15. rellyrellz's Avatar
    Midnight blue leather Smart Cover right now. Enjoying it. May not get a rear case. Time will tell
    07-21-2017 04:21 PM
  16. Cladster's Avatar
    Anyone using the UAG metropolis? Any good?
    07-21-2017 05:59 PM
  17. kjung7's Avatar
    Saddle brown Smart Cover with a cheap rear shell from Amazon. I’m actually satisfied with the rear shell. It’s quite thin and it’s clear so shows the iPad underneath.
    07-22-2017 12:05 PM
  18. jmerrey's Avatar
    Currently using a gray Smart Cover. I upgraded from an Air 2 that had the Smart Cover with the back piece connected. I'm really missing that back protection. I'd be interested to know Apple's reasoning behind changing to the single flap.

    I have a P&Q Oxford being delivered on Monday, so it won't be an issue after that.
    07-22-2017 12:17 PM
  19. Frost Forged's Avatar
    I’m using an Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and a Vertical Dash Sleeve by SFBags.com. This keeps my iPad safe while I’m in motion and gives me the flexibility to take off the keyboard and use it in whatever configuration I see fit.
    08-01-2017 02:25 PM
  20. o4liberty's Avatar
    I picked up the UAG case at Best Buy for 59.99 nice case protects the iPad very well.
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    08-03-2017 06:18 PM
  21. GolfnCPA's Avatar
    I picked up the UAG case at Best Buy for 59.99 nice case protects the iPad very well.
    It works with the Smart Keyboard very well. You have to detach the front part of the UAG case, but it integrates nicely.
    08-04-2017 08:46 AM
  22. o4liberty's Avatar
    Picked up the UAG case and I already had the pencil great iPad.
    I just added a screen protector glass from amazon.
    I didn't buy the keyboard this time I had one for the 12.9 but see no need with the 10.5 I just use my Mac if I want a keyboard.
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    08-05-2017 08:17 AM
  23. MizWylie's Avatar
    Picked up the Case-Mate Edition Folio in black from Verizon as I felt my Incipio case was a little on the thin side for being in my ruck sack. It's very plush, very comfortable in hand. Has a built in pocket because who doesn't love pockets?
    08-22-2017 03:31 PM
  24. cschmach's Avatar
    I just switched to the Zagg Rugged Messenger Keyboard case for my iPad, and I think it’s great. I like that I can pull my iPad out and use it as a regular tablet easily while still having it protected. I also think the magnets are plenty strong and offer more angles than the Apple Smart Keyboard. It is a little thick and adds weight, but I think it is a fair trade-off and my iPad feels well protected.
    I also use the Apple Pencil, a Zagg HD+ glass screen protector, Anker PowerCore+ 26800 w USB-C PD, and my AT&T hotspot (unlimited data) with it.
    Since I’ve installed the iOS 11 betas, I haven’t touched my laptop (Razer Blade Stealth 4K) for anything.
    08-23-2017 10:12 AM
  25. shaleem's Avatar
    IVSO keyboard case. I actually like it very much. I've got the gold one since it matches my gold iPad Pro.
    08-24-2017 01:18 PM
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