1. Vapor86's Avatar
    I know there are probably a bunch of third party sellers out there, but I am quite partial to the Apple accessories.

    Its bewildered me why they discontinued the leather cover. I am one of those folks who sells and updates his ipad every year, and I've actually used my black apple leather case on the last 2 ipads even though the auto turn off screen doesn't work with it...I think it looks 100x better than the crappy rubber ones.

    We already know that Apple likes to make us by a cover and case so we have to spend more, but I see no reason why Apple didn't realize any case/back. I am very careful with my products but the back is bound to get scratched up just putting on a table from repetitive use. I think all the ipads have a back case but the new 10.5". Pretty lame.
    06-13-2017 11:50 AM
  2. MikeElmendorf's Avatar
    I agree. It has me holding off ordering a new 10.5 so far. I want to continue my current setup of the smart keyboard cover and a silicone case. I looked at the Logitech one at the Apple Store yesterday--they took it out and put it on one of the new 10.5 models (one of the staff had one) and it was a monstrosity. Huge and bulky. No way I would want it.
    06-13-2017 12:47 PM

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