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    Ive been doing a little bit of research on vehicle mounts and locations for the iPad Pro 12.9 that are reliable, but at the same time be out of the way. I've had my iPad installed in move of my past vehicles in the place of the radio, but I'm not willing to cut/fabricate my brand new truck to fit it in the dash.

    So my questions are, has anyone here used the cd slot mount with the iPad Pro 12.9, if there is such a thing, and how does it hold up. Also are you able to slide the iPad up or down depending on the vehicles controls, or does it just spin the iPad to landscape? How far does it stick out from the cd slot, because of the shape of my radio and the placement of the CD player it would have to stick out a good bit to be able to slide completely in?

    I've looked at a few of the seat bolt mounts, but I feel that it would be more in the way and take up unnecessary space plus I would rather the iPad sit over the trucks factory screen as if it's in the place of it, and it doesn't seem like I would have enough room on the drivers side to put this mount. Installing it on the passenger side is out of the question(the wife's words) and the cup holder mounts are also "out of the question".

    I've attached photos of the inside of my truck to give y'all a better idea of the space I'm dealing with. I'm really looking to see if anyone else has tried the cd slot mount or any other mount that could possibly get the iPad up over the front of my radio but also not block my ac knobs, and that is durable enough not to throw my iPad across the truck on these great Louisiana road. Thanks for any and all the help!

    iPad Pro 12.9" Vehicle Mounts-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1461302292.176575.jpg
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